Witness The BRAIN NUMBING Ignorance Of Ted Cruz’s Voters (VIDEO)

Much like Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has an uncanny talent for finding some of the most ignorant voters in America. The Young Turks correspondent Jimmy Dore went to a Ted Cruz Rally in Iowa to interview a few of Cruz’s supporters and discovered a new world of crazy.

Dore interviewed two women and one man supporting Ted Cruz. The first lady he spoke to set the tone. She said:

I have to say one thing…It’s nice to know that we’re gonna have a president that understands where the common folks come from, like myself.

Okay, come on, get back in your chair and compose yourself.

Dore then happens upon the “Ted Cruzmobile”, a car so intricately decorated with right-wing slogans and Cruz propaganda that it’s likely to end up in a beautiful roadside museum somewhere in East Texas, a few miles off of the interstate behind a gas station.

The vehicle had a plethora of colorful slogans on it. Here are just a few.

  • It’s not about Health & Climate. It’s all about control.
  • Smoking is healthier than fascism.
  • Gun control making crime safer for criminals.
  • We’re smokers on strike. No smoking. No working.
  • We Stand With Rand (Taped over)
  • Restore Our Constitution
  • We don’t believe in the liberal media.
  • Kill Obamacare before it kills us.
  • Vote the Commies out.
  • Vote Nannies Out. (Maybe a libertarian slogan?)
  • Resistance is Not futile. We will Not Be assimilated.
  • Truth is the new hate speech.

And the area around the license plate read, “Smoking KY Granny.” There was, of course, a statue of a bald eagle on the top, accompanied by various patriotic figurines and other objects like snow globes. And there was no shortage of hand picked bible quotes. It looked as though Republican Jesus threw up all over this minivan. Here’s a picture.

ted cruz

Image Screengrab via YouTube.

The older lady driving this beautiful disaster spoke to Dore as she masterfully balanced her cigarette between her fingers, never bothering to use even the custom ashtray built into the driver side window.

Dore asked her when she started decorating her unique vehicle; she told him she began in 2005. He then asked her, “You’d been a Ted Cruz fan all this time?” She replied:

Uh, no. I’d been a liberty fan all this time.

Here’s the video.

Featured image via Twitter.

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