With ZERO Evidence To Support Him, This Right-Wing Blogger Defends The Planned Parenthood Videos

In the several weeks since the first video emerged from the anti-abortion group, the Center For Medical Progress, much has been said and written concerning the recordings the group has released. One of the first charges leveled against the videos was that they had been “deceptively edited.” Following investigations by a number of media outlets, as well as government agencies in several states, it has been determined that the videos were edited to make Planned Parenthood look bad and that the organization is not guilty of any wrongdoing.

Now, a “genius” by the name of Matt Walsh, writing at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, thinks he knows better.

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“No, The Planned Parenthood Videos Have Not Been ‘Deceptively Edited’,” is the title of Walsh’s August 28 piece at The Blaze. His evidence? Apparently the only evidence he has is that he says so.

Walsh begins his polemic with the greeting, “Good news, abortion fans!” It’s interesting that people like Walsh think that those of us who are pro-choice are somehow in love with abortion, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Respecting a woman’s right to choose is totally unrelated to being a “fan” of the procedure. I recognize that sometimes it’s necessary to amputate a limb, too, but that doesn’t make me think that everybody should have a limb amputated.

Walsh follows that statement with an explanation of what the “good news” is. He refers to a Planned Parenthood report that was sent to congress detailing the inaccuracies in the edited videos that the Center For Medical Progress released to the public and says:

[W]e can revert back to completely ignoring the continued holocaust of helpless, innocent children. What a relief! All this selling dead baby stuff was really giving my conscience a workout. I guess I can return it to the shelf and get back to the business of displaying utter disdain and disregard for basic human decency.

He then challenges his audience to read the full report that was prepared by Fusion GPS, at the request of Planned Parenthood. So I decided to take him up on his suggestion, which I doubt many, if any, fans of Walsh, or The Blaze, will do. After doing so, I was left with this conclusion: Matt Walsh is deliberately lying to an audience that he knows will not fact check him.

This is from the “executive summary” section of the report:

The videos attempt to show that Planned Parenthood profits from the sale of fetal tissue, and, secondarily, that its doctors follow an abortion procedure that violates the so-called “partial birth” abortion ban. A thorough review of these videos in consultation with qualified experts found that they do not present a complete or accurate record of the events they purport to depict. [Emphasis added]

Walsh’s true problem is that he doesn’t think abortion should exist. He admits as much when he says this:

Despite the claim, reported as fact, that the videos are “totally manipulated” and “altered,” making them essentially worthless as evidence, the truth remains exactly the same. Planned Parenthood sells dead baby parts. This is a fact, and it has not been even remotely debunked.

Sorry, Matt, but abortion does exist and it’s legal. It’s what we call “settled law.” If you don’t like abortion, then don’t have one, but don’t try to shut down one of the top providers of women’s health services in the country because you don’t like it. And stop with this “dead baby parts” nonsense. You make it sound like Planned Parenthood is taking living, breathing babies, killing them and chopping them up into pieces to be sold like meat. There’s a difference between a fetus and a baby and if you don’t know what that is, then go back to that biology class that you apparently slept through.

The fact of the matter is, abortion exists. People like Matt Walsh will make sure that is always exists, with their promotion of nonsense such as “abstinence only” sex education. Women have abortions for a variety of reasons, all very personal, and those reasons should not be questioned by Walsh or anyone else. If a woman wants to donate the tissue from an aborted fetus to be used in medical research, that’s her business. And I have a funny feeling that, when Walsh needs medical treatment, he doesn’t ask the doctor if anything he is about to receive was developed with the assistance of fetal tissue research.

For the record, here is a partial list of the media outlets and government agencies that say that Planned Parenthood is not guilty of breaking any laws:

  • The state of Pennsylvania
  • The state of Indiana
  • The state of Georgia
  • The state of South Dakota
  • The state of Massachusetts
  • Vox
  • The Huffington Post

And here’s the list of those who say that the videos weren’t deceptively edited and that Planned Parenthood is guilty as charged:

  • Matt Walsh

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