With The South Under Her Belt, Clinton Wins ‘Third Super Tuesday’

Hillary Clinton took the night, winning all five primary contests.

With a blowout in Florida against rival Bernie Sanders (65-33 percent), and a win in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton has swept the South, winning every state from Texas up to Virginia.

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Missouri was Clinton’s slimmest victory, winning 49.6 to Sanders 49.4 percent.

With Florida and North Carolina being called in Clinton’s favor, the Democratic frontrunner has acquired over 4.7 million votes (and 679 delegates – so far) thanks to the South and as amassed more delegates than she did in 2008.  Clinton owes her divisive victory in the South to black and female voters, a demographic she lost to Obama in 2008, but has no had no problem winning them back.

Simply put, Clinton is not repeating her flawed and miscalculated steps from her previous campaign – she’s dominating this one. And with victories in Ohio and Illinois, Clinton’s beat down from the previous weeks – in which she lost Kansas, Nebraska, Maine and Michigan consecutively – may seem like a thing of the past.

Between her wins Tuesday evening, Clinton won 253 delegates (so far).

Exit polls in Florida, Clinton’s biggest and most pivotal win, shows the former Secretary of State winning over males and females, voters between the ages of 30-65 plus, white, black and Hispanic groups, all college groups and income brackets. She also clinched all voter ideologies, from “very liberal” to “conservative.”

In Ohio, Clinton won over minority voters and those who care about healthcare issues. Clinton also won over the majority of self-identified Democrats.

In every state, exit polls showed Democratic voters would like to continue on the path of President Obama’s policies, a divisive key to Clinton’s image.

Clinton faces a big challenge in the coming weeks in states like Hawaii and Washington, where Sanders is favored.

Onward with the primaries, and congratulations to Clinton and Sanders on their wins.

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