With FBI Closing In Trump Ally Roger Stone Is Threatening To Expose Trump To Save Himself

This election just gets uglier and more depressing by the day. And while there may not be one true “bombshell” story that takes down Trump, we might be inching closer to something akin to it.

The FBI got wind that Trump’s longtime ally and friend Roger Stone may be colluding with Russian hackers and Wikileaks in order to sabotage the 2016 election. But as they close in, it looks like Trump’s Stone is as much of a selfish coward as his former boss. As he begins to freak out, Stone is now publicly indicating that he’s ready to throw Trump under the bus for his own selfish gain.

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The vile media hack all but confirmed this in a post to Twitter Sunday evening, in which he declared his existing non-disclosure agreement with the Trump campaign to be null and void.

Trump’s people are indeed obsequious toads, but they’re just as selfish and gutless as their almighty king. So this appears to be a clear-cut sign that Trump’s closest ally is ready to sell him out.

And he has reason to be afraid. Stone’s sudden change of heart might be related to Friday’s press release from the Democratic Coalition Against Trump (DCAT)

We are requesting that the FBI immediately look into the connection between Roger Stone and the Trump campaign and the recent hacking of emails, likely conducted by the Russian government. We believe that Roger Stone had forewarning of the hack, based on a statement he made in August 2016 that Podesta’s emails would be next, and that he and the campaign have been working with a foreign government to influence an American election.

So much for loyalty among thieves.

Featured image via Ben Jackson/Getty Images for SiriusXM

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