With A Completely Straight Face, Oklahoma Senator Called Abortion A ‘Men’s Issue’ (VIDEO)

We haven’t heard from GOP Senator James Lankford’s (Oklahoma) wife, but he seems to have a dramatically overblown idea of exactly how involved he was in the birth of his children. According to him, he’s an equal partner in the ordeal which means that somehow, abortion is a “men’s issue.” Yes, really.

During a debate on defunding Planned Parenthood, Lankford got very mansplainey and Sen. Barbara Boxer of California was having none of that.

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I just don’t like lectures by men about what it’s like,” Boxer told Lankford. “I’m pro-choice and I just have to say, using pregnancy as a political football doesn’t sit well with the people I represent and the people of this country.

Source: Raw Story

Lankford responded in the most jaw dropping way possible – he made it about him.

I’m a dad of two daughters,” he said. “I had something to do with the birth as well, and was also there. I was there during the sonograms. My wife and I are extremely close. And to be a dad of two daughters, I’m very passionate, not only about my own wife, but about my mom, who’s a cancer survivor — multiple-time cancer survivor — I’m passionate about my daughters having every single opportunity.”

“So this is important to us as well,” Lankford insisted. “This is not just a women’s issue, this is a men’s issue as well. Because this is a family issue. And the family is extremely important to all of us.

I guess Lankford thinks that when he married his wife, he inherited control over her body. That would make him a Republican. Fortunately, Boxer and other Senate Democrats blocked the bill.

Here’s the video:

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