Wisconsin Republicans Just Snuck Through Legislation That Guts Veterans Benefits

It seems you don’t have to be a Republican at the national level to be a complete and utter d*ck, as Republicans in the state of Wisconsin just proved being a d*ck a the state level is just as easy.

Wisconsin republican legislators had the audacity to approve a bill that permits counties to gut their County Veterans Service Officers (CVSOs), which was furtively rammed through the legislature in the final days of the current session. They really do seem to have mastered the art of worshiping the military come reelection, only to treat them like punching bags at other times. According to Senator Julie Lassa (D-Stevens Point) and Representative Dianne Hesselbein (D-Middleton), this act will is very deleterious to the state’s veterans.

CVSOs are the first line of support for our veterans when they need help, Sen. Lassa said. They guide veterans through the many federal and state programs available to them, and advocate for veterans with the Veterans Administration and the state Department of Veterans Affairs. Fewer CVSOs means less help for veterans, and that’s a terrible idea.

As of now, each county is required to have a Veterans Service Officer who is a veteran. The proposal that was co-sponsored  by Senator Van Wanggard (R-Racine) and Representative Ken Skowronski (R-Franklin) would effectively eliminate the authority of CVSOs to perform various services for veterans. Oddly enough, Rep. Skowronski once served in the Air National Guard. Maybe he’s like the self-loathing gay Republicans, but with matters pertaining to veterans.

This is the worst possible time to scale back on services to veterans and their families, said Rep. Hesselbein, the ranking Democrat on the Assembly Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs. Two Wisconsin counties, Buffalo and Pepin, on Tuesday cancelled a CVSO job-sharing experiment they had tried for a year. The demand for help was just too large. We need to guarantee service officers for all 72 counties.

Politicians like Skowronski may want to google “support the troops” before they vote on anything.

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