Wingnut Revisionist Says That Only People With ‘Biblical’ Worldview Should Hold Office (AUDIO)

David Whitney, one of those revisionist history types, goes full nutjob and suggests that only Christians should hold elected office in America. Like all revisionists, Whitney misquotes the Founding Fathers to support his claims, saying that those men were all Christians and that they built America based on that belief system. For a guy who claims to be a Constitutional scholar, he sure doesn’t know much about that document.

As a guest on the podcast of former Missouri state representative Cynthia Davis, Whitney peddled his version of history and the Constitution. With some fire and brimstone mixed in because, golly, what’s the point if he can’t condemn some people to Hell?

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Whitney is the head of the Institute on the Constitution, a far right-wing group that managed to get one of their own (Michael Peroutka) elected to a county council. Their version of the Constitution somewhat resembles the real thing but is tilted towards their beliefs. As such, one must take their commentaries with a boulder of salt.

On Davis’ show, Whitney told listeners to pray for everyone who doesn’t think and believe exactly like them. People in the government or running for office, especially. Those who don’t toe their line must repent, so listeners are asked to pray for that, too. President Obama is high on the list of people who need to repent, in Whitney’s opinion. Because Obama…

… began violating his oath of office from the day he took his oath of office, that he would repent, because as I read his life, he’s headed on the road to hell and he’s gonna be eternally damned if he does not repent of his sins.

How convenient to have a Hell to which you can condemn those you dislike. And to “read” their life so that you feel validated to have done so. Under the cover of caring for their eternal soul, of course. To which I call bullshit. People who say things like this don’t give a fig about anyone but themselves and they project all of their hatred and vitriol onto their version of God, claiming that He feels the same as they. If there is a Hell, people like David Whitney will be headed there on a flaming rocket express.

Then Whitney got to the meat of his diatribe; that the Founding Fathers were all Christians who based the country on a biblical worldview. Horse apples! Anyone who has done any legitimate research on this knows that 1) most of the Founders were mostly deists and 2) they explicitly said that America was not based on any religious beliefs. That last point is the most important one because, whatever their personal religious beliefs, the Founding Fathers never intended for America to be ruled by any religion. Whitney apparently either can’t or won’t do the research that brings any intelligent person to this conclusion.

Displaying a psychotic need to have his own beliefs supported, Whitney presents his conclusion. Based on his faulty logic, Whitney thinks that only Christians ought to hold office in America:

We know that until people understand the worldview of our founders, a biblical worldview of law and government, they are really not qualified to hold office in any position, even down to the dogcatcher at the county level. We need Christians who have a biblical understanding of law and government, an understanding of our founders, they are the ones that need to take every position of leadership in our country at every level, county level, state level, and indeed, the federal level as well.

First Amendment? What’s that? Shouldn’t a so-called Constitutional scholar know it by heart? The Founding Fathers were quite specific in that Amendment that the government cannot put one religion over the rest when it comes to our laws. Biblical law is, not to put too fine a point on it, crazy. Stoning people to death for speaking God’s name (one of thousands, I might add)? Will we outlaw shaving and hair cutting? That’s a huge part of the economy gone. Do we start burning people for their sexuality? Kill anyone who follows another religion? Biblical law is for biblical times, not for the 21st century.

Whitney does not have “an understanding of our Founders” at all. What he has is an agenda and he will say and do anything to promote it. Having people who think like him in the government is his goal. The more Pseudo-Christians and Evangelicals in the government, the harder the rest of us will have to fight to be represented.

Whitney, aside from not understanding the Constitution at all, also doesn’t understand a representative democracy. We deserve a government who works for all of us, not just one small percentage of us. And, whether he wants to acknowledge it or not, people who think like David Whitney are becoming a minority. And as for people who have a need to condemn others to Hell, I say: It’s your Hell, you burn in it.

Here’s the audio via Right Wing Watch:

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