Wine And Guns: What Really Happens Behind Closed Doors In The Benghazi ‘Hearings’

The Benghazi hearings, which have been going on for a record 17 months now, are a political witch hunt. We know that because committee members have told us exactly that. That fact alone is a crime. Taxpayer money is not supposed to be used to campaign, which is the flip-side of a political agenda, but the Benghazi hearings are so much worse, at least according to one former staffer. Instead of holding actual hearings, they are using time that we are paying for the GOP to hold a wine club:

The committee has not held a public hearing since January 27, but that hasn’t kept its members from meeting up on a weekly basis. They’ve formed a wine club, nicknamed “Wine Wednesdays,” in which they drink from glasses imprinted with the words “Glacial Pace,” Major Bradley F. Podliska, a committee investigator who was fired in June, told the New York Times. The customized goblets are a dig at Ranking Member Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland), who used the term in May to complain about the committee’s lack of urgency in completing its task.


Oh, but it gets worse. Being Republicans, they have a gun buying club.

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Wine Wednesdays are not the only social aspect of the Benghazi Committee. Its members have also set up a gun-buying club. They used the committee’s conference room to discuss the 9mm Glock handguns they wanted to purchase, Podliska said. A favorite agenda item for the club was the type of monograms that they wanted inscribed on the firearms.

Well, I guess we can’t call them the “do nothing” Congress anymore. Alcohol and guns is what about 10 percent of Americans call a weekend of doing things.  They are literally partying on our dime and then standing on their soapboxes and calling themselves “fiscally responsible.” Unbelievable.

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