Why You Should Be Way More Excited About Tim Kaine Then You Actually Are (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton has chosen her VP, and the choice may come as a surprise to many. Tim Kaine, a Senator from Virginia got the nod on Friday and announced his newly minted role, in English and Spanish, on Twitter minutes after Hillary Clinton did.

When asked about himself, he told Politico:

I’m a civil rights lawyer who made a choice after 17 years of doing civil rights work to do it in a new way — that pretty much sums it up.

Tim Kaine is fluent in Spanish, influential in the traditional battleground state of Virginia, and somewhat boring but intelligent and good at election politics. Though Politico reports that he is also very media and tech savvy, having governed well after running very good campaigns. He has also released his emails, and those emails vet him well. They show a man who is the polar opposite of the Hillary/Kaine tickets only real competition for the White House, Trump/Pence.

According to Politico:

He’s a media-savvy executive who avoids gaffes by discussing tricky topics with his staff before he speaks with reporters. He pays attention to even the smallest of detail — making his own spread sheets, editing his online biography — and he doesn’t hesitate to throw around his connections with a certain politician named Barack Obama.

He has a slow, but not dead, Facebook that is now crawling with conservative fail trolls, and is active on Twitter.

On a cursory viewing of the many articles out on him today, his biggest draw seems to be that he is a campaign winner who follows through and governs well after he wins. Kaine is a good choice for Clinton, bolstering her well.

Though they are very similar on many issues, and Kaine is not seen as “progressive enough” by some, NPR has done a comparison of where they stand on the issues from women’s rights to the TPP. Kaine has a son in the Marines, and is a proponent of getting a new authorization from congress for the war on ISIS forces, an area in which he and Clinton differ. They agree on gun control, education reform, and women’s rights, but disagree on trade.

Kaine is self-described as a devout Catholic but says (like Kennedy) that his religion and person views will not interfere with his ability to govern and that he believes abortion is a personal moral issue in which the government has no place. He has been a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood, according to the NPR article.

According to CNN, the president is 100 percent behind Kaine as the VP:

The President later praised Clinton’s choice, telling supporters in a fundraising email Saturday that “Tim is a good man. He’s a true progressive. And he will make a great vice president.”

He is a former chairman of the DNC, and the former Governor of Virginia, which Trump’s campaign is seizing on. They are using Kaine’s credentials to fear-monger the pairing as an “a 3rd Obama term,” in a fundraising text to supporters. Did they miss the fact that, should it be possible for Obama to serve a third term, many Americans would happily vote for him again?

CNN put out a short introductory video as well:

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