Why Ben Carson’s Stupid Campaign Announcement Fails Dramatically (VIDEO)

Hey! Here’s an idea! Let’s try to pull some black voters over to the Republican Party with a black Republican presidential candidate. Okay, okay – all we have is this Ben Carson guy, but we can cover up his white a$$kissing and insults to African-Americans by having a rap song performed at his campaign announcement … in gospel! That’ll work, right? Ooh! Black candidate plus black music equals black votes! Like, yo! Is we bruddahs or what, homie?

What Ben Carson and his GOP consultants failed to recognize is that “Lose Yourself,” performed at his May 4 announcement by a gospel choir, is a song by Eminem, the white rap artist.

(It’s also the theme song of performers in sports like professional wrestling and the Ultimate Fighting Contest, which dominantly appeal to young, poor, uneducated, white men, according to demographic studies.)

If this effort could somehow build a bridge between black voters and his campaign doesn’t really matter, though, since Carson burned that one down years ago. He alienated himself from the black population back in 2013, when he claimed at a CPAC convention that African-Americans have no valid complaints about discrimination. He also attacks programs like welfare and Medicaid, which he says restrict minorities and keep them in poverty (even though he himself once credited those same programs with helping him rise in opportunity to become a medical physician).

Food stamps and housing subsidies should be halted, too, he’s said; Carson claims those programs take away incentives for minorities to improve, and says “liberals are the most racist people there are” for promoting them and similar ones.

And let’s not forget that Carson openly separates himself from his own ethnicity, claiming “it doesn’t mean that much to me.” That stands out more clearly with his use of a non-minority’s composition from an African-American musical genre (especially when all music to have American origin is attributable to the black community).

Using a gospel format of “Lose Yourself” should offend many of the same Christians with whom Carson claims to have affinity (and not just because last year he said his faith in God was restored only after he figured out a way to skip out on real estate taxes). Really, how many gospel-loving, ultra-Christians would listen to a song with lyrics like these?

Tear this motherf***in’ roof off like two dogs caged

Success is my only motherf***in’ option

Check out this merged loop-video compilation from yesterday’s announcement and Eminem’s performance:

A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll says 41 percent of Republican primary voters believe they could support Carson.

Images: Gage Skidmore, Flickr and C-SPAN | Video: IJ Review via Vine

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