Who’s The Real Lazy Moocher? Marco Rubio Only Shows Up For Work About 60% Of The Time

Marco…Rubio, Marco…Rubio. Just like the old Marco Polo game we use to play as kids, it seems these days Marco Rubio is a hard man to find in the Senate as well as on the campaign trail.

Rubio, who has been criticized numerous times for not being found at work (not that showing up to Congress means much nowadays anyway) currently holds the title for the lowest voting record in the Senate with an absentee rate of roughly 40 percent.

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This seems like a far departure from the work ethic of Rubio’s own immigrant parents, who worked so earnestly as a humble bartender and cashier to achieve the American dream.  I guess hard work skips a generation. Rubio has also been conspicuously missing along the campaign trail from key battleground states like Iowa and New Hampshire, and subsequently can barely be found in the polls. Not only that but this once golden boy of the Republican Establishment now lags behind political outsider Donald Trump by almost 20 points.

When pressed on the issue of Rubio’s poor showing on the campaign trail and lackluster performance in the Iowa polls, Rubio’s Campaign Manager Terry Sullivan defended Rubio’s lousy attendance by saying:

More people in Iowa see Marco on ‘Fox and Friends’ than see Marco when he is in Iowa

Well, that makes sense — Marco doesn’t go to Iowa because no one ever sees him when he goes to Iowa, seems like a recipe for success to me, but then again no one ever accused this particular batch of [email protected] crazy Republican candidates of operating on logic or reasonable thought.

In the end it is unclear whether Marco Rubio’s horribly run campaign is more the product of apathy or ineptitude, but one thing’s for certain, in a primary cycle that seems like a scene straight out of “The Mad Hatter Tea Party,” the aloof, often missing, Rubio is far from the craziest spectacle in this traveling sideshow of freaks, geeks, and snake oil salesmen.

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Image Courtesy DonkeyHotey via Flickr

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