Whoopi Goldberg Is My Hero: Trump’s Campaign Head Gets Thrashing Of A Lifetime On ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

Everybody has had days that they would label “one of those days.” When someone says they have had “one of those days,” they are often suggesting that they would have been better off to have just stayed home in bed. While she would certainly deny it in public, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has probably had a lot of “those days” since taking her current job. And one of them had to have happened when she made an appearance on ABC’s The View.

The conversation starts calmly enough, with a question about Trump’s obsession with Hillary Clinton’s health and “stamina.” That leads to Joy Behar asking what was going on with Trump’s “sniffles” during the debate.

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Conway chides Behar for asking about Trump’s sniffing and drinking water while on stage, saying,

“We’re gonna go after him for drinking water, and we’re not going to ask Hillary Clinton why five people on her staff pled the fifth and took immunity last week?”

It only took about a minute, but Whoopi Goldberg had heard enough. She lays into Conway with an ass-whooping that had to leave Trump’s surrogate feeling like someone who had just lost a prize fight. She says,

“Here’s the problem Kelly. Once you open that can of worms, we have to then open your can of worms.”

Whoopi goes after Conway on the topic of Trump’s tax returns, and Conway makes the mistake of saying she wants to know what Hillary was hiding in “33,000 emails” that were deleted. That gives Whoopi the opening she seemed to be waiting for. “What is Donald Trump hiding by not releasing that information [in his tax returns]?” she demands.

Goldberg tells Conway,

“I want to know, since every other president has had to do it, where are the tax returns?”

There was scattered applause from the audience when Conway mentioned Hillary’s email. But when Whoopi mentions tax returns, the audience erupts.

Conway makes her next mistake, bringing up Trump’s claim that he can’t release his returns while he is being audited. “It’s bull,” Whoopi says.

The conversation then turns to the newly released Newsweek report that says Trump was dealing with Cuba when it was illegal for Americans to do so. Of course, Conway tries to pivot to an attack on the Clinton Foundation. And again Whoopi is waiting.

“I want to know about your foundation. When is that foundation going to release their information, so we can find out how much money has come and gone out of there?”

Every time Conway opens her mouth, she steps in it. After grumbling that she didn’t hear anything about Clinton’s vision for America in the debate, Whoopi shoots her down again, saying, “You need to re-watch it, because I think you missed something.”

Goldberg wraps up her spanking of Conway by asking her to get her boss on The View.

“Bring him here, because everyone else came. Everyone else has come here, and we’ve treated everybody kind of fair. We ask questions. We ask questions that are not comfortable.”

As Conway certainly knows now. Somewhere tonight the question may be asked of Kellyanne Conway, “So how was your day?”

Her response is almost certain to be, “You know, it was one of those days.”

Featured image via video screen capture

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