Who Is This Guy, And Why Is He Saying This AWFUL Thing About Ted Cruz? (TWEETS)

There’s no denying it — the 2016 presidential campaign may go down as one of the most bizarre in recent times. From Donald Trump’s channeling of Mussolini to the strange stories of Ben Carson’s rebellious youth, the 2016 campaign will be one for the record books. Now one guy has added his voice to this strange campaign in what may be the most subtle attack on a candidate ever.

The Washington Post’s Katie Zezima wrote about it on January 23, and it has now become somewhat a topic of conversation on the internet. A young man has been following Ted Cruz around in Iowa, holding up a sign that says simply “Ted Cruz Likes Nickelback.”

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The guy was apparently first spotted by Fox reporter Michelle Fields in early January.

Michelle Fields tweet

Since then he has appeared at a number of Ted Cruz campaign stops. In one shot he is dressed as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or “Mounties.”

Katie Zezima tweet

For those not up with current issues in pop music, the Canadian band Nickelback may be one of the most hated groups ever. And Ted Cruz may be one of the most hated members of congress ever, at least by his colleagues. Nickelback and Cruz both come from the western Canadian province of Alberta. So by saying that Cruz likes Nickelback, this guy is attempting to connect two hated things in people’s minds.

But all of that still doesn’t answer the question of why he is doing this. He told Zezima,

They’re [Nickelback and Cruz] both Canadian. I just don’t want, really, a Canadian in office. It seems like he’s got a lot of controversy behind him whether he’s a U.S.-born citizen or not and I’m just out here making a statement.

The young man won’t give his name, or say who he is working for, if anybody, but given the fact that one candidate has been stirring up the issue of whether Cruz is eligible to run for president, there’s a good possibility that he has been sent on this mission by the Trump campaign. Even though the first photos of the man showed him by himself, other photos have captured him with others, also dressed as Mounties, and passing out what purports to be Cruz’s Canadian birth certificate.

TJ Tweet

It doesn’t look like Nickelback gets the joke:

Nickelback tweet

And if Nickelback doesn’t get it, will Republican voters in Iowa get it? It’s asking a group of people who probably largely don’t get subtle humor to understand it. But no matter whether they get it or not, to the rest of us who do, it is nothing short of brilliant.


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