Whitehouse.gov Petition Circulates In Response To Fox News (Lies) ‘Kill A Cop’ Chant (VIDEO)

For those who remember the recent Baltimore-based Fox News affiliate WBFF’s deplorable attempt at misrepresentation of peaceful protests in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement dominating the country since the murderers of Michael Brown and Eric Garner were cut loose of any charges, a petition is now being circulated calling for those responsible for the devious misrepresentation to be fired and for the station to receive large FCC fines. The petition states flat out:

Apologizing is not enough.

WBFF aired the segment below on Dec. 21, showing peaceful protestors fed up with the systemic racism in the country allegedly chanting:

We won’t stop! We can’t stop! So kill a cop!


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However, as one can see by the second half of the above video, the station jumped on an illusion in the audio quality of the recording, coupled with a convenient edit that takes away the context and makes the segment sound exactly like Fox wished it had. As everyone should now know, though, the real chant was:

We won’t stop! We can’t stop! Till killer cops are in cell blocks!

If that slimy misrepresentation of the truth doesn’t underline for you everything wrong with both Fox, and the systemic racism that plagues the United States, there is no hope for you. Start darning your bed sheets for the Klan robes you have been wearing like the emperor’s new clothes throughout your life and accept that you are complicit in the racism that hinders true justice in this country, and any hope for honor and civility.

Disgust and outrage have since been directed at WBFF for their shifty work. Chants such as “Fox news lies!” are frequent, common, and let’s face it, true. Demonstrations have been ongoing, and a massive protest at Fox headquarters is also in the works for Jan. 2. You can see some of the fallout coverage over the WBFF incident below:

Though the station responsible for airing the abysmal footage has apologized, folks at Go Left America feel that an apology is simply not enough. To stress that lack of honesty and integrity in journalism is no small matter, a whitehouse.gov petition is now circulating as of Dec. 27.

You can see Go Left America’s post regarding the petition below:

It only takes 150 signatures to get the petition to come up in search engine searches; however, Go Left America is hoping to gain the 100,000 signatures in 30 days needed in order to get President Obama to act on the petition. The deadline for the 100k signatures is Jan. 26, 2015.

If journalistic integrity means anything to you, be sure to stop by and sign and share the petition, yourself.

American journalism needs all the help it can get, and unfortunately it appears it needs to be forced to help itself find its way back to credibility.

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