White Woman Goes FULL TRUMP On Latino Family: ‘Godd*mn W*tbacks’, ‘Speak English B*tch, This Is America!’

A group of women in Colorado were captured on video verbally assaulting a Hispanic family with profanity-laced racist slurs.

The incident began when Yolanda Flores and her son were paying a visit to the Mesa County Health Department so that her child could get a physical exam before the beginning of the fall high school football season.

Both Flores and her child were approached by a group of women, led by a brunette woman in a blue and white blouse. The women began berating, cursing, and using racist slurs against Flores because she had left her German shepherd in her car with the windows rolled down.

The women told Flores’s 14-year old son that their dog was going to be taken away.

The group of women followed Flores and her son back and forth from the building to her car, Flores began filming the group because she feared they might start physically attacking her.

You’re the ones that give brown people a bad name,” the woman said, pointing in Flores’ face.

The racist ring leader then pointed to the health building and said:

Just f*cking wanna get something for nothing,” parroting the right-wing talking point that “illegal aliens” come to the U.S. and place a burden on social services. “Well, get your ass a job if you don’t have one.

Flore’s son, Ahmed, described the scene:

They started yelling at us,” said Ahmed, who can be seen crying in the video. “They followed us back to the building.

As Flores tried to calm her son in Spanish, the ring leader suddenly exploded. She snapped her fingers in Flores’ face and screamed:

Speak English, bitch! This is America! Down with Mexicans that don’t learn the language of the world! Goddamn wetbacks!” she snarled.

Yolanda’s daughter put the video on Facebook to show the world the abuse her mother and brother endured, in spite of the fact that Yolanda and her family moved to the U.S. legally over 23 years ago.

The worst thing is she talked as if she knew so much about my mother and she had everything wrong,” said Wendy to the Sentinel. “My parents are residents, they pay taxes, and she assumed that just because she speaks Spanish and looks Mexican, she’s a wetback. They judged her without even knowing her.

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Brian Beutler of the New Republic wrote an article titled: “Trump Has Made America More Racist. Republicans Are OK With That.”

In his article, Beutler talks about GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s blatant racist and xenophobic rhetoric and how the Republican party have come to embrace him as their champion in 2016. The article also cited numerous instances where Trump supporters have verbally and sometimes physically attacked minorities.

And while the women in the video gave no indication as to who they plan to vote for, make no mistake. Their heart is with Trump.

Featured image via YouTube.

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