White Texans Honor MLK – By Claiming Discrimination Against White Voters

Five white Texans are suing Dallas County, claiming discrimination against their voting rights.

Feel free to read that again, it wasn’t a misprint.

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Citing the Voting Rights Act, designed to protect the rights of non-whites against backwards thinking states attempting to discriminate against them, the five delusional plaintiffs in the lawsuit are claiming they aren’t being given fair representation on the County Commissioner’s Court.  The Court currently has three white members, one black member and one Latino.

An excerpt from the lawsuit explaining their position reads:

Like something out of the bad old days, a Southern electoral body plays naked racial politics, intentionally using its power to minimize a dissenting race’s political sway. The body does so through its redistricting authority, cramming as much of that racial minority as possible into a single district and splitting the remainder up as an insignificant fraction of the electorate in the surrounding districts. It undertakes this move to intentionally deny the racial minority a chance to fairly participate in the electoral process, while claiming that the minority has no legal right to protection and arguing that higher law compels the racist act.

Yes, they are talking about the Republican weapon that keeps the US House of Representatives under GOP control, gerrymandering.

The reality of the situation isn’t that white people don’t have fair representation, it’s that only one of the white people is a Republican.  Dallas County has no clear majority when it comes to race.  At 39% Latino, 32% white non-Latino and 23% black, it would appear that the three white judges on the court are an unfair representation of the entire community.

The Supreme Court has already done a bang-up job of dismantling the Voter Rights Act, allowing states to enact clear violations of the law’s intent with stringent voter ID laws aimed at denying low-income, particularly minority people from voting.  Now this group of poor disenfranchised white people, upset because elections didn’t go their way, are twisting the Act even further, claiming discrimination against white voters when white people have a 3/5ths majority on the court they’re complaining about.

What’s next for these people?  Will they sue democracy, claiming the “constitutional republic” never intended for the majority to rule if they don’t like it?  There is no logic with these people, there is only the end game.  Clearly the end-game here is to have more Republicans handed seats in an elected body through redistricting and bogus lawsuits.

If you can’t beat em’, sue em’.

All this just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Oh, the irony.

H/T: The Grio | Image: Dallas News

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