White Supremacists Launch 24/7 Hotline For Butthurt Trump Supporters

Are you a red-blooded American who loves Donald Trump? Have you been traumatized by some evil liberal who called you out for being a racist piece of shit and hurt your feelings? Need to talk to somebody who can help you get through this difficult time by lending a sympathetic ear that shares your white supremacist beliefs? Well then, here is the hotline for you!

Seriously folks. This is not satire.

William Daniel Johnson is a practicing lawyer and the leader of the American Freedom Party, a white nationalist third political party. He said that on Tuesday, he will launch a Trump Harassment Hotline that will “help those who are attacked physically and verbally for supporting Trump.”

The intention of the hotline is to provide Trump supporters who have been butt hurt by somebody who isn’t afraid to tell them the truth about themselves and their candidate a one-stop-shop for legal advice and emotional support.

When called, a recorded voice says: “Hello and welcome to the political harassment hotline. If you have been harassed or intimidated due to your political beliefs and you’d like to report the incident please leave us a brief message.”

Johnson said he is all set up with counselors and attorneys ready to go.

We have three counselors lined up including one person who has been a volunteer for a rape crisis hotline for 8 years.

We also have four attorneys lined up to assist if the harassment arises to legal claim. These four lawyers are licensed in five different states, but they each have contacts to cover most states.

Johnson has been a staunch supporter of the bigoted buffoon that is the Republican front runner. In Iowa and Utah, he recorded robocalls through his American National Super PAC. His most recent message gives this lovely sentiment:

The American National Super PAC makes this call in support of Donald Trump.

My name is William Johnson. I am a farmer and a white nationalist.

This robocall goes out to all millennials and others who are honest in all their dealings. Mitt Romney has viciously attacked Donald Trump. Mitt Romney and his establishment conservatives are both mean-spirited and dishonest. The white race is being replaced by other peoples in America and in all white countries. Donald Trump stands strong as a nationalist. Mitt Romney and his establishment conservatives pretend they don’t care.

Johnson said he feels a type of brotherhood with Trump because both of their events attract the same type of protesters, presumably because they are both little more than a thinly veiled klan rally.

Our meetings are usually canceled by hotels and other venues because of pressure from these protesters. The difference now is venues won’t cancel Donald Trump’s activities and where before the protesters were sizeable in number when compared to attendees to white nationalist events. In the present instance, Donald Trump’s rallies are so large that the supporters can push back.

According to Johnson, it isn’t Trump supporters that are the violent ones, it’s those damn liberal protesters who stand silently and hold signs denouncing racism. Vicious they are! Vicious!

The Donald Trump supporters will not do anything serious. But the Trump protesters are indeed scary. If they have the chance they might seriously injure the Trump rally attendees.

Trump hasn’t welcomed Johnson’s support with open arms, and allegedly returned a $250 contribution the white nationalist had made to his campaign. It sends quite the message that the bigoted billionaire turned down such a huge sum of money! Doesn’t it?

At any rate, next time you reduce a Trump fan to tears with violent stuff like facts, you can tell them just who they can call that might give a damn.

Featured image via Matthew Cavanaugh / Stringer / Getty Images

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