White Supremacists Celebrate The Orange Man Leaving Congress

It probably has nothing to do with the odd hue of orange that John Boehner seems to favor on his skin, but white supremacists are thrilled to death that the Speaker is about to step down from both his post and from Congress in general.

While conservatives across the country are cheering Boehner’s departure, generally over just a vague dissatisfaction — not surprising for a party that can fall in love with a candidate over his hat — white supremacists are very specific. They think Boehner doesn’t spend enough time talking about the plight of the white man and exactly how bad people of color are.

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“Whites are objectively more useful to the country than blacks or Hispanics in terms of crime rates, welfare dependency, labor-force productivity, etc.  This is obviously true but everyone is too terrified to say so,” Jared Taylor, the President of the New Century Foundation, told The Daily Beast.

Taylor is apparently no fan of Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz because he said that the “replacement of whites by non-whites” is “the greatest long term threat to conservatives.” I doubt he’s a fan of Carly Fiorina either:

Non-whites are like hens’ teeth in the Republican Party, but Republicans are too stupid to realize that an increasingly non-white America will be increasingly hostile to everything they claim to care about.

Even more specifically, like much of the Republican party, white supremacists think that Washington isn’t doing enough to stop immigration.

The new word, apparently, for Republicans who disappoint the right-wing of the party (that is one lopsided bird), is “cuckservative.” Think of it as RINO (that is one lopsided bird) but with a hint of sexual dysfunction.

“Boehner is a pro-immigration cuckservative. (I’m) glad he’s resigning. Both legal and illegal immigration are driving down American wages. It’s the No. 1 issue of our age,” said (owner of the Twitter account “End Cultural Marxism, Jason) Jones.

Neither of the supremacists interviewed by The Daily Beast had any hope that any of Boehner’s potential replacements would be any better, but they might be surprised. The number three in the House, under Boehner and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), was once an “honored guest” at a white supremacist convention. I’m sure if the white supremacists were to turn the GOP house upside down and shake it, more than a few like-minded people would fall out.

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