White Supremacist Ex-Trump Delegate To CNN: People Now Compare Me To Trump Not Hitler (VIDEO)

William Johnson created a huge media buzz when he was appointed as a Donald Trump delegate for the state of California. The reason probably has something to do with the fact that Johnson is an unabashed white supremacist who never tried to hide his views.

When the media discovered Johnson’s name on the delegate list, the Trump campaign immediately moved to have his name removed.

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Johnson sat down and spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper to discuss what happened. Johnson explained that he applied like everyone else and was somehow approved. But shortly after the list was published, he received a call from the Trump campaign informing him that they were going to take his name off the list. The Trump campaign categorized Johnson’s pick as a serious “error.” Johnson said in the interview that he had taken the appropriate steps to resign his post.

Tapper then asked Johnson about his view on the white race and if he believed that white people were superior to all others. Johnson issued his practiced response:

I believe that Western civilization is declining and dying out in every country around the world that has traditionally been white. Europe is being replaced by immigrants from Africa. America, the same thing’s happening here, and so I believe that we need to be aware of this precipitous decline in the white race.


Here are some facts concerning the so-called decline of the white race. Take a look at this chart from 2013.

Table 1: Fortune 500 directors by race, ethnicity and gender
% of U.S. population% of directors% male directors% female directorsM/F ratio
Whites (n=3791)74.6%87.2%74.4%13.3%5.6 to 1
African Americans (n=293)13.6%6.8%5.3%1.5%3.5 to 1
Latinos (n=136)16.3%3.1%2.4%0.7%3.4 to 1
Asian Americans (n=104)5.6%2.4%2.0%0.4%5 to 1
TOTAL (n=4324)84.5%15.5%5.5 to 1

Image via www2.ucsc.edu.

Huffington post reported in January of 2015 that they predicted by March of that year there would be only four black CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies.

According to Rutgers, 46 out of 50 state governors are white, and 44 out of that number are white males. Also, 31 of those governors are Republicans.

And check out this chart displaying the racial breakdown of judgeships in America.

white supremacist

Image via Huffington Post.

And let’s not forget about Hollywood.

Trump delegate

Image via Bitch Media.

Trump delegate

Image via Bitch Media.

trump delegate

Image via Bitch Media.

Now here’s the beauty of how white supremacists like Johnson think. If you point any of these facts out, he considers it proof that the white race is under attack for being successful. And since most charts show white people as occupying less than 100 percent of top positions in government and private industry, that’s proof again that whites are losing influence in America. There’s no reasoning with these people; they pine for days where the white men proudly walked around feeling like kings.

But society has evolved too much for their liking, and now people who think like him are mostly viewed more as jokers than kings.

This is why Donald Trump inspires so many like Johnson to support him because he promises to bring back their “glory days.”

Johnson also opined to BuzzFeed how America just wasn’t ready for a defender of white people’s rights to be involved in the political process:

I was naive,” Johnson told Buzzfeed. “I thought, Gee, I could participate in the electoral process just like everybody else. I thought I could participate and be productive and be a good example for the community and help promote my candidate, but that was not the case.

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