White House Website DESTROYS Myth That The Poor Are The Problem…With FACTS!

It’s no secret that the GOP keeps its base de-focused from its inability to govern and its ridiculously expensive agenda of supporting massive wealth by criminalizing the poor.

You’ve seen the rhetoric plastered all over social media:

work ethic

It’s a ridiculous notion. Poor people are generally anything but lazy. The lies are backed by ridiculous studies from conservative propaganda machines like the Cato Institute, who published a “study” that says that those “lazy” people are earning more than $40,000 a year.

For those of us who like to actually find facts, there’s this thing called the Google that allows anybody to look up information that was previously hidden in books and publications.

This dumbing-down of our economy to “never-mind what’s really happening, just blame the poor” is easily dispelled in multiple articles and studies, but none of that matters to the conservative base, a huge percentage of whom are themselves on some form of government assistance, because all media other than Fox News and Mr, Conservative is “liberal bias.”

Not really surprising from a group of people who idolize the likes of Ted Nugent and think Sarah Palin is smarter than the President.

The best source of information on the subject comes from none other than Whitehouse.gov, where the federal tax receipt calculator shows exactly how much money goes to those “lazy poor people.”



Food assistance only costs four cents on the dollar.  Housing assistance two cents.  Cash assistance one cent.

The three programs conservatives claim are sinking our economy cost a whopping seven cents for every tax dollar spent.

Well there it is, in black and white. Anyone can go to the site and enter the amount of their tax bill to see just how those “lazy” people are destroying the American way of life.

Maybe the reason poverty levels remain so high in America has something to do with Republicans blocking just about any education spending and reform in an attempt to keep people uninformed.  Uninformed people equals more republicans.  Here’s the breakdown of what the solutions cost:



Financial aid for college actually earns money here in ‘Murica. Thanks GOP. While the rest of the civilized world finds ways to educate their populations for a better tomorrow, we find ways to profit from it.

Job training and employment services costs are so low they don’t even register as a percentage point.

Damn those lazy people.

Of course there’s the issue of defense. Just how much do we spend building billion dollar jets we don’t need and policing the areas Republicans destroyed with unnecessary wars?



Wow. That seems like a lot, but it can’t be.  Poor people are the problem. They’re lazy and get free iPhones.

That’s how the Republican party operates: Rich people paying crooked politicians to convince stupid people to blame poor people.

Featured Image: Whitehouse.gov

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