White House Cover-Up Of Colombia Prostitution Scandal? Washington Post Says It’s Likely!

The White House is once again denying any involvement in covering up allegations that a member of Obama’s advance team for a 2012 summit trip to Colombia may have elicited a prostitute overnight as a “guest” in his room.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest quickly tweeted regarding the prostitution allegations:

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Fmr. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said as much of the prostitution scandal back then:

Earnest went on to say that White House officials had been cleared of wrongdoing in relation to the alleged incident and followed up his statement with another tweet after the story was recently published by the Washington Post, stating:

A bipartisan committee report released in April rejected the accusation of a coverup.


Prostitution in Colombia. (Photo courtesy of foreignpolicy.com.)

The Post had reported that officials in the Obama administration, including then-White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, reprimanded about two-dozen Secret Service agents, as well as other administration officials, after the Secret Service and U.S. military were given firsthand accounts and hotel records.

Ruemmler, who is considered a top candidate by President Obama to replace Attorney General Eric Holder upon his looming resignation, received such information “twice in the weeks following the scandal,” according to the Post. The Post also wrote:

Each time, she and other presidential aides conducted an interview with the advance-team member and concluded that he had done nothing wrong.

Earnest echoed that statement with yet another tweet on Twitter countering the prostitution coverup allegations:

Additional information released by the Post regarding the prostitution debacle states:

[A]n investigator into the prostitution allegations was told to delay the report until after the 2012 midterm elections.

The advance team member of the Obama administration around which all this smut spins has been identified by the Post as Jonathan Dach. Dach is a Yale University law student, son of Leslie Dach, who donated $23,900 to Democrats in 2008. He was 25 years old at the time of the alleged incident. Ironically, the Post states he now works as an adviser in the Office of Global Women’s Issues.

Take heart in knowing, America, that the U.S. government may not pilfer your hard-earned tax dollars solely to screw you and you alone. They say there’s a silver lining to anything.

H/T businessweek.com.

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