White House Calls Out The REAL Reason Republicans Are Upset About Release Of US Sailors

There’s only a year left of Obama Derangement Syndrome and Republicans are making sure to cash in as much as they can. Then again, judging by last night’s GOP monkey knife fight, you would think President Obama was seeking a third term. The latest instance of our bizarro democracy is Republicans getting upset about the recent release of 10 US Navy sailors. Their anger, of course, was not at the safe release (thankfully) of the sailors themselves, but that the US didn’t drop any bombs on Iran to accomplish it.

Here was Donald JackA$$ Trump last night:

I stood yesterday with 75 construction workers. They’re tough, they’re strong, they’re great people. Half of them had tears pouring down their face. They were watching the humiliation of our young ten sailors, sitting on the floor with their knees in a begging position, their hands up. And Iranian wise guys having guns to their heads. It was a terrible sight. A terrible sight. And the only reason we got them back is because we owed them with a stupid deal, $150 billion. If I’m president, there won’t be stupid deals anymore.

I think what the Donald meant to say was that electing him president is a stupid deal.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest blasted Republicans for having the audacity to be upset that diplomacy worked and got 10 US sailors released from Iran. Understanding their undying love for blowing things up with other people’s money, Earnest suggested that Republicans would rather start a new war in the Middle East than be content with the sailors coming home.

Via The Hill:

I’m sure everyone is pleased, especially the sailors and their families, that they are returned safely and diplomacy did save the day, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said. I know that the only people who are unhappy about it are Republicans for some reason. We’d probably be in a bloody war with Iran right now over our sailors, Earnest said. It is unclear to me, by the way, exactly how the safety and the security of the United States, or our men and women in uniform is advanced by starting a war with a nation like Iran that has an advanced military, he added.

That’s just it, Josh–nothing makes sense or has a modicum of reason with these people. They’re still under the sorely mistaken belief that squandering billions on bright and shiny bombs and macho insecurity is they best form of foreign policy

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