Whiny White Supremacist Demands LGBT Community Apologize For Clinton Calling Him Racist

On Friday, Clinton threw all pretenses of political correctness to the wind and called out Trump’s supporters for what they were: racists, bigots, and xenophobes.

Naturally, they took exception to the remarks they so readily resembled — the only thing worse than being a bully to these people is being called out for being a bully — and none more so than the leadership and hardcore fans, like white nationalist William Johnson, a former Trump delegate and archetypal example of what Clinton targeted in her remarks.

“Everyday Citizens”

In her Friday speech before donors, Clinton called Trump’s fans a “basket of deplorables,” which is probably as good a description as any for someone interested in remaining family friendly.

William Johnson, the head of the American “Freedom” Party and former Trump delegate, took umbrage with that, and is now calling on members of the LGBT community to call out Clinton for her “bullying.”

In a bizarre email sent to his followers, Johnson not only attacked Clinton but drew a comparison between white nationalists and LGBT people, because both have been “bullied” — according to Johnson, anyway:

“For several months, out alt Right political party, the American Freedom Party, has manned a Trump crisis line so that bullied Trump supporters have a place to go when their property has been vandalized or their person has been threatened.”

“It is a shame that Hillary Clinton used a forum before a group that has been bullied for generations to bully everyday citizens who support Trump for president.”

“The alt Right movement calls on the LGBT movement, who has experienced the scarring effects of bullying, to condemn Hillary Clinton’s mean-spirited words against Donald Trump’s alt-Tight supporters and urge her to detract (sic) them.”

According to Johnson, failure to do these things will result in more bullying of voters.

Well then, I’m sure Johnson isn’t reaching. The alt-Right is perfectly understanding of LGBT rights. Trump practically embodies them. That’s why Trump donated $10,000 to a vocal anti-gay pastor after that pastor’s house was flooded out in Louisana.

That’s why Trump has anti-gay extremist Michelle Bachmann on his board of Evangelical advisors — and that’s why he has a board of Evangelical advisors at all. Because he’s sympathetic and not at all bullying to gay people.

That would be why Mike Pence is his running mate. That’d be why he addressed a massive coalition of anti-gay activist on Friday, while Clinton was making her remarks about him and his supporters being bigoted.

I’m sure the LGBT community is weeping for Trump and the alt-Righters who are so aggrieved their political correctness has been upset and that their dog-whistle ensconced virtue-signaling has been called out. These sorry, put-upon alt-Righters, these pathetic and helpless white nationalists, who are utterly lost and confused now that their ability to oppress others isn’t socially acceptable behavior.

I’m sure the LGBT community will get right on that apology.

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