Whiner Trump Attacks Amazon CEO On Twitter … And Gets His A$$ Handed To Him (TWEETS)

Donald Trump has attacked everyone from John Oliver to my kitchen sink on Twitter during his presidential campaign. Who is Trump’s newest nemesis? Jeff Bezos, successful and well-spoken CEO of Amazon.com and owner of The Washington Post.

Apparently, The Washington Post isn’t “treating” The Donald “well.”  We all know how The Donald gets when he isn’t “treated well.” (And, a Snickers has yet to fix it. I’m sure someone has tried that, right?)

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On Monday, the Republican frontrunner tweeted three back to back tweets attacking Bezos, who has received praise for his views on income inequality.

Hours later, Trump tweeted this lone shot at The Washington Post.

WashPo writer Chris Cillizza writes of the possible motive for the tweets:

The last tweet makes slightly more sense as it is a response to a piece I wrote that published in Monday’s newspaper. In it, I proposed that Jeb Bush and his Right to Rise super PAC could spend their tens of millions on ads attacking Trump in hopes of slowing or stopping him.

However, it’s Bezos who had the last work. With one hashtag, the Amazon.com and WaPo owner has the perfect plan for Trump. #sendDonaldtospace

Sorry other life forms in the universe but, he just had to go.

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