While Republicans Are Blaming Obama For ISIS Attacking Paris, He Was Busy Killing ISIS Leaders

“Obama is making ISIS stronger by being a weak leader.” “Obama is leading from behind!” “Obama’s weakness makes ISIS not take us seriously!” The chorus from the Republican party about how Obama is the weakest, most ineffective, feckless, lazy, clueless, etc. president in American history is eternal. Now, they are even blaming him for the recent Paris terror attacks.

While Republicans were busy being adult crybabies over how Obama is helping ISIS destroy the world, Obama killed two ISIS leaders and they said not a word about it.

Clearly, by killing their leaders, it is making ISIS stronger.

Hours before the Paris terror attacks, the United States killed “Jihadi John”, the ISIS social media celebrity that loved talking big and cutting off peoples’ heads. The day after the Paris attacks, the U.S. took out another ISIS leader in Libya. How many times did any Republican anywhere give any sort of celebration or credit for this to Obama? I heard not a peep from them because they were too busy screeching and whining about how Obama’s weakness has made ISIS stronger and allowed the attacks in Paris to happen. This is the Paris located in France, where Obama has nothing to do with anything. Riiiiight, it’s all Obama’s fault.

One thing that is really annoying is how Republicans are politicizing a gun-violence caused tragedy. The Paris attackers shot a massive amount of people. You know how it is when a mass shooting happens in America, and Republicans scream, “Don’t politicize this!“? Well it is time for them to take their own advice and shut up about Paris. No, it was not Obama’s fault. It was also not the fault of Parisians not having enough guns in the hands of the general population. If a lack of guns in public caused terrorism, Japan would be like the Middle East.

Republican cowards, who can’t sleep at night because ISIS might be under their bed, had the usual response from the safety of their home basement Fox News bunkers here in America:

Republicans are the people that created ISIS. Republicans are the people that also have the wrong plan on how to deal with them. Another “Iraq” will do nothing but make things worse in the middle east and if we DO send ISIS away, someone else will take their place. To all the Republicans and wannabe trans-Atlantic Rambos, please just stop talking about ISIS. Every time you do, you remind the rest of us that you created them. Obama has us on the best path he can find in a very disorganized and dangerous situation. If you really love America, leave the freakin’ guy alone to do his damned job, will ya?

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