Which Egostistical A-Hole Said It? Online Survey Tests You To Match Quote To Trump Or Christie

Proving that the Republican Party has been downgraded to a used car salesman screaming on the side of the highway, Donald Trump is soaring in the polls and crushing all the other somewhat electable Republican candidates. He says what he wants because he’s the Donald and you’re not, and he doesn’t feel he needs to ask God for forgiveness since he believes he is God. We’re still curious how that seemingly secular and bombastic rejection of uber-Christian dogma will play out in a party that’s been hijacked by deranged Jesus freaks.

Chris Christie, another colossally egotistical a-hole representing the east coast, is fighting with the Donald over who is the biggest egotistical a-hole and Trump is winning soundly. Governor Christie is as hated in New Jersey (the few times he’s actually here) as toll booths, and he’s barely registering in the polls, meaning he probably won’t qualify for the TV debates.

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But it’s still very early and there’s only so many groups Donald Trump can offend, so there’s still a chance for Christie to supersede Trump as the most egotistical a-hole. In the mean time, perhaps there wasn’t enough bandwidth to host them all, so they winnowed it down to ten.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the questions via the Courier-Post:

Image via screenshot from Courier-Post.com

Image via screenshot from Courier-Post.com

So test your knowledge of the two biggest a-holes seeking the 2016 GOP nomination and click here to take the quiz.

Featured image via Vox.com / screen capture from YouTube

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