When Trump Asked George Lopez To Perform At His Inauguration The Comedian Did More Than Say Hell No

Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration team is having a very difficult time getting talent to perform for him. Trump is getting desperate, as the inauguration is only 16 days away. He even asked for comedian George Lopez to show up, though comedians usually do not perform at presidential inaugurations. Lopez’s reaction is nothing short of hilarious, too.

The comedian didn’t just politely decline the invitation from Team Trump. He mocked Trump on his favorite platform, Twitter.

Knowing how thin-skinned Trump is, he likely won’t be able to resist engaging in a public Twitter feud with George Lopez. He’ll likely take it to a petty level, and wind up embarrassing himself and the nation all over again. Further, it’s not like Lopez is the first person to refuse to go anywhere near Trump. Hell, even some of the groups that WILL be at the inauguration, such as the Talladega College marching band and the Rockettes, have members who realize that Trump is a racist and a misogynist and every other form of bigot one could think of.

This inauguration is going to be a complete joke and an embarrassment to this great nation, just like Trump himself is. Good on George Lopez for standing up to Trump in such an awesome way.

Featured image via Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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