When Bette Midler Compares Mitch McConnell To Intestinal Blockage, Twitter Explodes (TWEET)

With all the hype about Donald Trump and how a complete moron could possibly be in control of the Republican party, combined with the drama going on with own Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the infighting of the Democrats, few people have taken the time recently to make sure one of the nation’s most important duties is covered: insulting Mitch McConnell.

It’s a darned good thing in times like these where so much of our comedic interests are lost to the seriousness of Trump’s wall or the adult film the woman who looks like Ted Cruz is making that we have people like Bette Midler. The Divine Miss M’s Twitter account is just chock full of goodness for those who enjoy the humor of a legendary actress, singer, comedienne.  Her swings at everyone from Caitlin Jenner to Donald Trump have had social media blazing hot with good old-fashioned American insult and ridicule.

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Yeah, every so often someone really just needs to be told where to go and when to get there. With a special grace, a marvelously diverse vocabulary and an articulacy unmatched in the world of divas, Bette Midler can tell someone to go f*ck themselves like no other. It’s a gift. Her latest tweet worthy of spreading, just because it’s friggin’ hilarious, is aimed at Mitch McConnell. Miss M is no slouch. She knows that Mitch McConnell’s friends end at the Kentucky state line and don’t pick up again until he’s in his office with the door closed. When you’re that unpopular and nobody has poked you with a stick for a while, you should probably expect something like this to happen:

Twitter responded in kind, tossing out things like how gross it would be to find a milky white mucous that resembled Trey Gowdy. One fan summed it up with the perfect gif:

We couldn’t agree more.

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