What This Woman Said At An Iowa Bernie Sanders Rally Is Really Powerful (VIDEO)

I’ve been fairly cynical this election and mostly ignored the democratic race because the GOP has been so disgusting. Regardless of whether you’re on Team Hillary or Team Bernie this woman at the rally in Iowa falls did something really important.

Sanders talks about the economic challenges facing everyday Americans and the struggles that working families face. It’s obviously a major part of his message and his campaign. Today he asked if anyone in the audience wanted to tell their story about what it is like to live on less than $12,000 a year. What happened next was powerful and moving.

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A woman in the audience was called on and she begins to reveal her personal story. She paints an emotional picture of a life doing minimum wage jobs despite having a college degree, being on disability and living with her parents.

It’s so hard to do anything to pay your bills, you’re ashamed all the time…when you can’t buy presents for your children it’s really really really hard – and I work 3, 4, 5 jobs sometimes, always minimum wage, I have a degree, divorced and it’s just I’m waiting for disability to come through so my parents have to support me – it’s just hard.

Sanders replied,

It is not easy for people to stand up and say that but the truth is that until millions of people who are experiencing what you’re experiencing do say that we don’t make change.

He is absolutely spot on. This isn’t a Clinton/Sanders divide thing. Clinton has showcased stories of people struggling before as well, but we must have more people willing to talk about what it is like. We’ve seen activists with the Fight for $15, indeed, many battles for wage increases or equal pay tell their stories, but this is different. What she talked about is the feeling of shame and the ways in which we ingrain that shame in people. Somehow we have created a culture where we blame people for the inequalities policy has created.

The more stories we can hear about the working poor the more we can dispell the GOP myth that those in poverty are slackers who don’t really want to work. As you can see from this tragic list of ways in which the GOP is terrible on the issue of poverty, they’ve done everything from cutting food stamps to child nutrition programs and more. It’s time we fight back against their degrading language as well as their horrific policies.

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