What This Focus Group Told Frank Luntz Is Devastating For Trump (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Face The Nation aired a video of GOP spinmeister Frank Luntz hosting a focus group to talk about Donald Trump. The gathering was held in Pennsylvania, a swing state that currently shows Clinton leading Trump by a sizable margin. However, what was said at the focus group should make the Trump campaign shiver in their booties. The question is, how did Trump lose these people and can he get them back?

Luntz begins by asking how many of the group support Trump right now. A dismal six of the twenty-four people raised their hands. Not good. When asked how many supported him at least a little at some point during his campaign, all but two of the group responded positively. Luntz then asked the money question: So, what happened?

One woman replied that Trump was her first choice but, along the way, he lost her. He’s “become outrageous,” she said, adding that “he speaks without thinking.”

Michael R. commented that, at first, Trump had voiced a lot of the frustration with the way the government wasn’t working. But, since then, “he’s been running as a 12-year-old.” Trump changes his positions “every news cycle,” Michael noted, so that “you never know where he stands on the issues.”

A participant named Debbie pointed out that Trump may be “second guessing” this whole thing. She stated that Trump recently said that “it was okay if he wasn’t the president.” Debbie continued:

And then he’s just throwing out all these bizarre comments… So I’m wondering if he serious still…

Howard brought up Trump’s childish need to strike back at anyone who says “something derogatory about him.” And that he “says things that are crazy,” causing Howard — and others — to ask himself if this is “the kind of person I want to handle the nuclear codes?” Prompted by Luntz to answer that question, Howard responded, “No way.”

Despite doubts, about half of the group indicated that they would still consider voting for Trump in November. Seriously? What do these people need to see or hear to understand that Trump is playing them for fools?

What does Trump need to do to regain the support of these voters, Luntz asked. “Get back to the issues,” Sharon replied. And “solve the problems.” As if Trump can wave a magic wand and make it all go away. He’s running for President, not head of Hogwarts. But Sharon does make a great point when she says that Trump needs to talk more about the issues and stop attacking people and “acting erratically.”

But Janice puts it more succinctly:

It’s a job interview. This is not how you would behave when you’re going to a job interview… throwing tantrums and calling the interviewer names.

Why would these people consider voting for Trump even though they don’t really like him? Michelle responds: Because they don’t like Hillary Clinton, they don’t feel as though they have another choice and they don’t want to give up their vote.

Also, Trump embarrasses them. Well, you can’t argue with that.

Here’s the video via Face The Nation:

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Featured Image via Screen Capture

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