What Lefties Can Dig About Even The FAR Right

The Right is crazy.

Rolling coal with a Dixie flag and a shotgun in the rear window for God and country, crazy.

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Westboro Baptist crazy.

Bomb an abortion clinic and execute the mentally disabled with a “Right to life!” chant branded on their hearts and tongue, crazy.

Fracking in a record drought at public cost for private profit, crazy.

Open carry, arm all teachers and classrooms with guns to “protect our kids,” crazy.

The Right is crazy, right?

Well, the Left is crazy, too.

Total dismissal of allies who don’t agree with every single last point 100 percent across the board, crazy.

PC to the point of lacking all sense of humor, crazy. (There are probably several readers already cringing at the word “crazy,” for example.)

Superiority complex resulting in the same immaturity and judgmental attitude it accuses the Right of, crazy.

Talking high and mighty without recognizing its own sexism and racism, crazy.

The Left is crazy, too.

Each grade of the entire political spectrum has its own polar extremists, as well as its moderates. Each grade of the political rainbow contains the crazy, the stable, the stressed, the educated and apathetic, the emotionally frazzled. So let’s drop the crazy talk about each other and just own up to people are crazy, no matter what their political affiliations may be.

People are sane to the point of living their lives in a banal zombie state, all the way over to clawing at their skin to get the imaginary bugs off, crazy. We merely hold different priorities and disagree on certain subjects.

But that’s what America’s supposed to be about, right? In what fantasy does everyone agree on everything and we just vote on the right thing to do all the time, together, unified as a country?

No, the United States is meant to be a multitude of voices and perspectives, ideally as educated and mature as possible.

Unfortunately, we’re quickly becoming more and more uneducated and consequently less mature, but that’s really beside the point. It only exacerbates the already-standing dynamic of what will always be the reality for this country – conflict and struggle.

But that’s true of life, itself, isn’t it? There’s virtually nothing that doesn’t involve conflict and struggle in some regard. People have opinions and come from illimitable lives and backgrounds. No matter how educated and mature the conflict or dialogue may be, we will always struggle as a country to find common ground upon which to help the nation function and progress, so take crazy off the table and take disagreements over issues off the table. Neither one of those factors will ever go away. We’ve got to deal with that reality and stop complaining about one side or the other. We have to stop compartmentalizing for the sake of hate and judgment and recognize, once we look past the constants (even if unpleasant), what we have to work with in order for the country to function properly, if not even progress.

As they say, America, you’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt, and a government buried in the din of crazy and conflict is essentially the design of democracy. It’s the hand it deals us. And for you folks out there already launching into your, “This isn’t a democracy,” speeches, put that aside for the moment, as well, as it has little to do with the point at hand, which is that once one recognizes the reality, the hand we are dealt, as well as the constants America will always have in the mix of its governing, one can then begin to see the essence of what we actually have to work with. One can begin to focus on what each political party’s priorities are, and what constitutes their spirits.

But recognizing the spirits of your political foes and allies is the key, really – the great linking factor that may, if embraced genuinely, help the United States find the unity it has been trying to find and regain for so long – that unity we feel when the country is pulled together in great conflict.

american spirit

(Image courtesy of colourbox.com)

You see, no matter how much one may or may not disagree with a political adversary, such as someone on the Far Right, one can see they are passionate.

Despicable as some of their stances and ideas may be to those of us on the Left, you can see that they at least have a strong spirit for voicing themselves, for taking part in the political process, even if it is only muckraking. We can admire that they are involved, as they can in turn for us, their own political rivals on the Left. All involved in running their mouths, voting, volunteering, working their fingers as keyboard commandos, care. All are acting in the best interest (they believe) of their country and fellow citizens. If we can learn to respect that spirit even if we simultaneously despise the words and actions coming out of that spirit, we can learn to respect each other. We can still be crazy and disagree with each other, but we can avoid hating each other because we respect the spirit of America, which is struggle, conflict, dialogue, and ultimately, informed compromise toward the greater good for all.

The Left should be able to grow, to mature to a point emotionally and intellectually where it can handle the negative capability of such a balance. The Right should do as much, as well, along with all the other grades and parties within the political/social spectrum of the United States. In that frame, the Left can dig and respect the Right, even if it disagrees with the Right, and guess what, Jack – that business goes both ways, too.

Recognize who we are, what we are, and respect that we are all lending our voices to create the America we see in our hearts and minds. That’s what the country is supposed to be about. Understand that. Accept it, and stop hating each other so damn much just because we disagree with each other. That’s never going to change, but through the respect of each other’s spirits for molding America, we can begin to focus more respectfully on each other’s priorities and work together more harmoniously to cover all our bases. Let the Left and the Green Party watchdog and fight for civil rights and the environment, and let the Right watchdog overspending, government over-reach, etc.

Together, we’ll find some balance, some settling point where we have our bases covered but continue to debate the issues, as well, respectfully, out of admiration for that spirit of America you used to hear so much about.

With greater education and maturity, let us hope we can reach that point. Until then, America may have settled at the best it can do already. But even then, if looked at through the right lens, if it is understood that all are fighting for their country in the best manner they know how or can see, perhaps we can at least respect each other enough to continue struggling together with less hate in our hearts and more of a sense of unity, even where we drastically disagree.

Featured image: via colourbox.com

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