‘What Is Wrong With You?’: Jeb Tweets Bizarre Picture, Entire Internet Shows Up To Mock Him (IMAGE)

Jeb Bush’s once promising presidential campaign continues to struggle in its death throes, but not without a few awkward muscle spasms.

On Tuesday, for no reasons at all, Jeb’s Twitter account sent out a picture of a customized pistol with the name “Gov. Jeb Bush” engraved in it. The caption, to everyone’s confusion, read simply: America.

What does that mean? No one could be sure. Bush’s campaign is flailing so hard at the moment that it’s really anyone’s guess. Obviously, there is the shameless pandering to right-wing gun nuts, but it could also serve as a reminder that under Bush’s tenure as Governor of Florida, the state expanded its gun laws, pushed “Stand Your Ground” and, as a consequence, saw the number of gun deaths in the state explode. Quite a legacy.

Whatever the reason, Jeb’s engraved gun didn’t really impress people. It freaked them out.

Others decided to have a little fun with it.

Poor Jeb, he couldn’t even get his pandering right.

Despite raising the most amount of money of any Republican candidate by a wide margin, Jeb Bush has struggled at every turn. For many, the primary in South Carolina represents a do-or-die moment for the candidate many Republicans assumed would be the nominee just a few short months ago. It’s not looking good. His nemesis and bully Donald Trump holds the state by a massive lead. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are likely 2nd and 3rd place finishers. And then there is Jeb circling the bottom of the drain.

If this was his last-ditch effort to convince gun-crazy Republicans that he’s their guy, then it’s safe to say his plan backfired (pun definitely intended.)

(Oh and by the way Jeb, your safety is off.)

Feature image via Flickr


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