Meme Made To Offend Liberals Ironically Explains What’s Wrong With Conservatives

This meme, posted by The Federalist Papers in a desperate attempt to try to make fun of “internet liberals,” seriously sums up much of the problem with the “internet conservatives” instead.

Image via The Federalist Papers
The fact is that most conservatives are less educated than liberals. When someone who can’t string a cogent thought in a sentence becomes a critic of people who are much more intelligent than they are, it just rubs some of us the wrong way. Some people are trolls, liberal or conservative, but seriously when one cannot spell liberal or impeach I really don’t want to hear their point of view on either.

Liberals tend to curse more, especially when we have come to the conclusion that the idiot conservative we are speaking to will never learn anything from us — even if we could give them all the evidence on Earth. They won’t believe new information once they have decided it is false, regardless of the source.

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Besides, we are also less likely to be religious zealots or care if you are offended by our word choices. Oh, and cursing is linked to intelligence and honesty; beware verbal prudery, it can cover a nasty pus filled homophobic, racist, religiofascist, elitist center to an otherwise decent human being.

When you are dealing with someone that sees no immorality in racism, sexism, classism, etc. you can tell them every fact on the planet and they simply won’t listen. Trying to get them to give facts is quite another matter! The meme seems to be saying; liberals won’t accept my lack of evidence for proof and therefor lose the argument because I am the walrus! It makes that much sense, really.

The meme then finishes with one word: Delusional.

Delusional: like believing that the Bible is an accurate historical manuscript.

Delusional: like thinking that taking support programs from poor people will somehow make them become less poor.

Delusional: like believing that feeding the unemployed is bad for the country, alà Rush Limbaugh.

Delusional: like believing the country is worse off than it was 6 years ago.

Delusional: like thinking that immigrants are bad for our economy or a border wall is just a swell idea.

You know what is sad? I could debunk all of these, in 1000 words or less, but it wouldn’t freaking matter: the people that need the proof wouldn’t believe it if I offered it and the people I am writing to already know. I don’t actually run around making fun of people but sometimes it’s probably that the troll I am talking too has no comprehension skills at all — so I am gonna at least use their douchebaggery to entertain myself and others that get the joke.

Since it appears that none of them will read unless there are pictures… I fixed their meme for them.

Feature image via Huntress’ Uncommon Sense 


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