What Glenn Beck Just Said About This Kid At A Cruz Rally Is So Disturbing (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck has been on the warpath in Utah, fighting to rally the state’s large Mormon population to vote for Ted Cruz over Donald Trump in the upcoming primary. Like any event featuring Glenn Beck, the speeches are light on substance and heavy on terrifying religious indoctrination and overblown rhetoric. Also there’s a lot of Beck sobbing, as usual.

At a recent stop, Beck cranked up his Messiah complex to eleven and used a small boy as a creepy religious prop to encourage people to vote for Ted Cruz, whom Beck has repeatedly stated is God’s choice for president. To make the claim that God is choosing sides based on the whims of Glenn Beck’s prayers is a dubious enough claim, but Beck has taken it a step further by calling on his supporters to “fast” for Cruz.

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His calls to starve himself to persuade God to elect “The Most Hated Man In The Senate” to president was almost universally mocked. Unfortunately, in Utah, at least one impressionable boy listened. Dale, a Mormon kid from Provo, told Beck that he had been refusing to eat every Tuesday in a fasting ritual meant to help Ted Cruz get elected. The admission might have caused a more rational person to reflect on the terrifying way his or her words were being interpreted by young children. Here was a boy who was literally not eating just because a conservative radio host told him Ted Cruz needed to get elected. Instead it brought Glenn Beck to tears and he couldn’t wait to brag about it at a rally.

Pulling Dale on stage with him, Beck said:

Dale is from Provo. I met him just a few minutes ago. I want to tell you why I have hope. Dale introduced himself to me. And he didn’t tell me this, his father did. Dale has been fasting without anybody knowing it every Tuesday for the last three weeks for the right outcome in this election. This is the priesthood rising! Prepare for a time of miracles. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is real and he is fierce and these are his rights.

His reference to Abraham and Isaac is telling. The most famous tale of this biblical father and son involves Abraham dragging his son up to the mountain top to sacrifice him to God. His actions are heralded by theologians as a testament to his faith, and by everyone else as a testament to being a really bad father. Clearly, Beck, using all of his impressive ego, has cast himself in the role of Abraham. He won’t blink when faced with placing the welfare of a child in harms way to get what he wants.

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