What Dubya Misses About His Time As President — And The 13 Things Our Military Miss LEAST

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … yeah, it’s a plane alright. That’s what dodo bird George W. Bush said he misses most from his “presidency.” To be more specific, it’s the shower on that plane that Dubya cited when speaking at the Military Service Initiative Summit on Feb. 25.

People say, ‘Do you miss much?’ I miss, for example, the Air Force’s accommodating me with a shower on the airplane that flew me around.

(Side-note reminder to W: it’s called “Air Force One.”)

If he intended the comment to be a joke, perhaps he should have prepped the audience. Aside from a cough and some cricket chirps, there wasn’t a noise to be heard. He did try to continue with some apparent humor:

I don’t get irritated, but I do have to stop at stoplights now.

That earned a couple of laughs, but his next line didn’t, even though it was even bigger in the bullsh*t department. W. next took a tangent in which he tried to make himself look all patriotic and caring and “I care about our troops” kind of junk.

I miss saluting those who volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way. And I have vowed for the remainder of my life that I will do all I can do to help our vets.

So let’s just overlook the disrespect he’s given to U.S. troops during his term in the Oval Office.

13 Ways George W. Bush screwed our troops:

  1. sending them off to give their lives in Iraq for what everybody now knows is complete BS
  2. giving them 60-year-old flak jackets and 20-year-old ammunition to defend themselves with
  3. leaving them in a suck-ass, rodent-infested military “hospital” when they came back wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan
  4. making veterans wait over six months for needed medical care
  5. leaving hundreds of thousands of our vets homeless after their service
  6. opposing benefits for National Guard and Reserve troops
  7. reducing funding for military family housing
  8. chopping school funding for the children of military personnel
  9. denying military members an increase in child tax deductions
  10. cutting the budget for veterans’ health benefits multiple times
  11. stopping benefits for 173,000 vets, and even
  12. tolerating religious discrimination in our military academies
  13. So the salute Bush said he misses giving to our troops is apparently of the middle finger variety. And his “vow” to “do all I can to help our vets”? That might be the biggest joke he told that day.

Too bad even an Air Force One shower couldn’t clean him of the dirt he left behind.

H/T (with intended sarcasm): The Blaze | Featured Image: Public Domain via Wikipedia

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