What Donald Trump Said About Rape Will Make You Sick (TWEETS)

When it comes to “rape culture,” you have some people that deny it exists and others who know that it is real. Then you have Donald Trump, who apparently is so deeply ingrained in rape culture that he is literally part of it.

Wednesday night Trump doubled down on an old tweet blaming rape in the military on the women in the military basically saying that because women are in the military there are gonna be rapes.

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Here is the old Tweet:

To answer his question: Gee, I don’t know, perhaps that people could control their sex organs and not rape each other? Donald Trump made it clear that rape IS TO BE EXPECTED IF YOU MIX GENDERS. You know, like when you have men and women together in a workplace we should just simply expect that there is going to be some rapes.

(Because wild rape winds blow through and suddenly people can’t keep their rapey parts in their pants so they are forced to commit rape because WOMEN ARE NEAR THEM.)

During Wednesday’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, Trump answered Matt Lauer’s question about the totally incorrect assumption that rape in the military is due simply to the presence of women (not rapists going unpunished). However, after Trump’s jaw-droppingly stupid reply, Lauer just dropped the issue — no follow-up questions at all for the man presidential candidate who just said that rape is the natural consequence of allowing women near men.

“It is a correct tweet. There are many people that think that’s absolutely correct.”

The depth and breadth of the ignorance displayed in this depraved answer, blaming rape on the mere fact that women are near men, is so monumental as to be impossible to grasp. Yet Lauer didn’t even blink. Wow, that is some “journalistic skill” there. No wonder his lack of integrity drew a sharp rebuke from President Obama Thursday aimed at journalists who don’t do their job when interviewing Trump.


Then there is this:

Women should never have to expect that they will be raped. Men and women are perfectly capable of NOT raping if they put their minds to it, though Trump seems to think they aren’t. Oh, and rapists (who come in all the gender flavors, though are overwhelmingly male) are power-hungry sadistic sociopaths, not men who couldn’t stop their wild winkies from breaking through their zipper, knocking them unconscious, and raping a woman against their will.

Trump has surrounded himself with like-minded people, and just clearly told us that any Trump presidency will include gender inequality and rape apologetics as policy. Trump’s own son’s commentary saying that his sister Ivanka was “too strong” to allow herself to be sexually harassed is yet another incarnation of women having all responsibility for rape, harassment, and men’s actions.

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From his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway:

Yes, there are some rapists out there, and they deserve to be locked away from other human beings. Though they often aren’t, like Brock Turner, because of these antiquated ideas that rape is somehow caused by women.

As long as there are men like Donald Trump leading in this country young men will believe that when they are REALLY HORNY and there is a woman near them, that it is their victim’s fault for exciting them if they rape them — not theirs.

And no, it isn’t the survivor’s fault that the rapist was stronger, or they were incapacitated, or they changed their minds. Ever.

To think that this backwards thinking misogynist may end up choosing our Supreme Court justices literally causes me physical distress and rage. How can our fellow Americans vote for a man who believes that rape is caused by women being near men?

However, the question that must be asked is this: does Trump’s answer color your opinion on the rape accusations against Trump?

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To call this idea “correct” shows not only a lack of understanding, it shows a terrifying inability to see women as human beings with bodily autonomy and the right to say no to sex.

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