What Caitlyn Jenner Says She Wants To Do For Ted Cruz Sounds…Wrong And Bizarre (VIDEO)

Caitlyn Jenner’s place on the spectrum of people is a woman. Having transitioned over a year old, Caitlyn did what her former self promised and became who she was born to be. She did it in the midst of a media storm — much of which was self-inflicted — rather than in private with her friends and family, which had to have made what was guaranteed to be a trying time more difficult for someone who had become so high-profile.

Caitlyn Jenner’s place on the spectrum of politics is an enigma. Her very existence is contrary to the widely held beliefs and core “values” of the Republican Party she just can’t get enough of. After a public scolding by Bette Midler and millions of people across the LGBT community for her support of the party of regression, Caitlyn went on with her life of being the most available face in the news and on television. In this short clip from Today, Caitlyn describes just what it would mean to her to see someone like Ted Cruz, who she calls “nice,” elected President.

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She would just love to be Trans Ambassador To President Cruz. When conservatives and bible thumpers come out against Caitlyn Jenner for who she is, the entire scenario of her and the Republican party in unity becomes preposterous. What Jenner has truly shown is that while it is possible to identify and transition to another gender, asshole is universal.

Watch Caitlyn Jenner explain why she supports people who think she’s an abomination below:

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