Whack-Job Ben Carson Seriously Suggests Creating a ‘Covert Division’ to Monitor Government Employees

In a field of GOP presidential promises, the one made by Ben Carson probably stands out the most so far, if only because it’s so evocative of the dystopian nightmare that has become synonymous with the Republican brand over the last few years.

While other presidential runners are making calculated promises that appeal to their base, Carson’s most recent promise proves he knows his base best of all. Carson’s gift to the American people should he become elected?

A “covert division” of government employees that would monitor other coworkers, so as to make government run more efficiently.

If you thought of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, or any other authoritarian/totalitarian polity in history and remembered that this is not a good idea, congratulations: you’re not Ben Carson.

They Come Bearing Promises

All the GOP frontrunners have been priming their base for the election with promises lately, each one as unique (and hair-brained) as the man offering it.

Rick Perry hit the scene just recently, promising to reject any agreement that Obama would make with Iran regarding their nuclear program.

Jeb Bush has promised to “fix” Obamacare. His fix potentially includes the Apple watch. After a week of intense soul-searching, however, his promises no longer include anything about Iraq.

The same can’t be said for Lindsey Graham, who is promising war in Iraq if elected.

And of course, the front runner du jour, Scott Walker, hasn’t taken the possibility of an Iraq invasion off the table, either.

It’s a tough field of promises that Carson is competing with; is it any surprise that he opened with the big guns?

Policing The Inner Party

In the immortal words of Nineteen-Eighty-Four, “Proles and animals are free.” Members of the Party, not so much.

While in Iowa on Wednesday, Carson seriously entertained the idea of a “covert division” of “people who look like the people in this room, who monitor what government people do.”

If this doesn’t scare you, consider this: if you’re a public school teacher, you work for the government. If you work at a national park, you work for the government. If you’re a postman or postwoman, you’re a government official. If you work at a company like Boeing, which is contracted by the federal government, do you know what that makes you?

And Carson is seriously entertaining the possibility of a secret division to monitor every move you make.

Furthermore, can you even begin to image the size of his “covert department?” And how much money will be spent maintaining it?

None of this, however, passed through his head. Instead, he told the crowd that, “Employees would work harder if they believed some of their coworkers were secretly spying on them.”

When he suggested it would make it possible to “fire government people,” he predictably received cheers. It’s Pavlovian at this point; the Republicans have no idea what the government even is, just that they’re conditioned to hate it.

After all, isn’t Carson running for government? Do you seriously think that he’s going to let some secret person look over his shoulders?

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