Wealthy Lawmaker Cuts ‘Moochers’ Benefits, Gets Busted For Welfare Fraud!

The GOP-led legislature of North Carolina’s budget cuts are so harsh they’ve even drawn criticism from their fellow Republicans (one of whom even switched parties).  Among these welfare-hating, tax cutting lawmakers is NC State Senator Wesley “No New Taxes” Meredith.

So imagine everyone’s shock when his Democratic challenger Billy Richardson called a press conference to announce that Meredith committed welfare fraud! To make matters even worse for Wesley, Richardson has the documents to prove it.

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ABC 11 reports Meredith’s fraud occurred in the late 90’s, during which he and his then-wife Elizabeth availed themselves of public assistance while making six figures, including medical care during her pregnancy, birth and post-natal care; and WIC (food assistance) for her infant son.

The Merediths had a son in 1996. Copies of Medicaid cards indicate Elizabeth Meredith received pre and post-natal care on government assistance. That year, a child’s birth at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center would have cost more than $10,000.

Richardson told reporters:

“Together, these documents raise compelling and troubling questions about my opponent’s integrity, judgment and fitness for public office.”

Richardson then took care to remind voters of Meredith’s role in their state’s rejecting desperately-needed Medicaid funding.

“They also paint Senator Meredith as a hypocrite, because in 2013 he voted to reject billions of federal dollars that would have expanded Medicaid to cover 500,000 North Carolina citizens who are truly needy.”

Furthermore, Meredith voted to enact a host of other draconian budget cuts.

No one’s seen hide nor hair of Meredith’s ex-wife, but the now-doomed candidate couldn’t come up with anything better than emailing reporters to slam Richardson’s negative campaigning.

“Dragging my former wife and first born son into a personal attack is below the belt, it’s something I will not engage in, and it’s the type of politics that forces so many people to lose faith in politicians.”

Wesley Meredith busted for welfare fraud.

Here’s the video with ABC11’s report on Meredith’s welfare fraud allegations.

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Featured photo: NC Legislature.

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