We Proudly Support Senator Bernie Sanders For President For The Following Reasons…(OP-ED)

If You Only News is a relatively small, relatively new player on the liberal political blogging scene, so we don’t expect our endorsement to exactly have a major influence on a national presidential election. As a member of the fifth estate, however, we feel as though our opinion certainly matters. Much like our opinions on the Republican field, which is that not a single one of them is worthy of the White House, our opinions on the Democratic field have been carefully weighed and discussed.

As the senior editor of If You Only News and on behalf of our Editor In Chief, as well as a majority of our staff, it is my pleasure to officially endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination and to offer our support to see him elected as the next President of the United States.

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Senator Sanders has brought to the Democratic primaries the kind of vision and values liberals and progressives have embraced for decades. An end to corruption in our political process. Accountability for those who would put their own needs or the needs of their company above the needs of their country and their fellow Americans. A tax plan that ensures that the wealth inequality that has turned our great nation into an oligarchy is reversed and a healthcare plan that ensures America joins the rest of the industrialized world in evolving into a civilization that puts people before the almighty dollar.

We believe Senator Bernie Sanders offers the best hope to take this country in a direction that corporate America and the Republican party have denied us for far too long. Therefore we would urge you to cast your vote in the primary for this extraordinary man.

Our endorsement for Senator Sanders is NOT an indictment of Secretary Clinton.

There are far too many Bernie Sanders supporters who have made it their mission to clear his path to the White House by negatively attacking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton is and always has been a respected member of the Democratic party and a dedicated public servant for more than twenty years. We admire her very much. Should she win the nomination to run as our candidate in November, we will immediately, without pause, support her in her endeavor. Her views on healthcare and Wall Street may not be as favorable to us bleeding heart, tree hugging liberals as Bernie’s are, but Mrs. Clinton has an extremely realistic and admirable view of how to continue the amazing legacy of President Barack Obama and to move our country forward.

No matter who you vote for in your state’s primary, please remember that come general election time we need to be one. We can’t afford to divide because Hillary Clinton isn’t Bernie enough or Bernie Sanders is too far left. While Governor O’Malley may not appear to be a serious contender, his platform is incredibly progressive as well.

Your vote for Senator Sanders is appreciated; your vote for whoever is representing the Democratic party in November is imperative.

*Writers and editors for If You Only News are NOT bound by this endorsement to abandon their support for Hillary Clinton or Martin O’Malley. We are still a free press and we pride ourselves on allowing our staff to be themselves. This endorsement is in no way indicative of support from any of our affiliates and should be considered an editorial opinion.

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