Watch:Chuck Todd Brutally Deflates Cruz’s Fantasy Of Victory In SC (VIDEO)

Trump’s fans aren’t the only ones who seem to think that finishing in third place means winning; Ted Cruz seems to think that as well — unfortunately for him, Chuck Todd was there to rather brutally inform the senator that no, third place isn’t “winning.”

“Effectively tied for second”

One of the interesting tidbits of information you learn as a student of social psychology is that if you’re not going to finish in first place, it’s better to finish in third place than it is in second — individuals who gain the bronze are often happier than people who gain the silver, in part because they’re happy to just be included, where second place is bedeviled by knowing that they were just a hair’s breadth away from first.

This is the sort of interesting psychological information that applies to people living in our world.

Ted Cruz doesn’t live in our world.

While speaking on Meet the Press, Cruz belabored how his third place finish in South Carolina was an “incredible evening” for his campaign, extolling the fact that Republicans were “coming to us in incredible numbers.”

There is now only one strong conservative in this race who can win. We see conservatives continuing to unite behind our campaign.

Our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump, and that can beat Donald Trump. So, what we’re seeing is Republicans coming to us in incredible numbers.

Todd wasn’t willing to let that slip past without being challenged:

Wait a minute. You finished third in a state with the highest evangelical turnout that we’ve seen yet. And you finished third!

Todd added this inconvenient truth “didn’t support what you just said.”

Cruz responded:

In South Carolina, we were effectively tied for second. A week ago, Donald was 20 points ahead, we closed that gap.

But it doesn’t change him finishing third, something Cruz hasn’t managed to get a handle on.

Perhaps that armor of God they strapped on isn’t as strong as they think it is.

Watch the video below:


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