WATCH: ‘You’re A Hack!’ Bill O’Reilly Throws Epic Hissyfit. Has Catfight Live On Fox News (VIDEO)

O’Reilly has gotten criticism from others as well who were close to Reagan, and he has gone to great length to paint them as simply haters who don’t want “the truth” to be known. George Will, being one of these critics, had referred to O’Reilly’s book as a “no facts zone”.

O’Reilly had already responded to Will’s comment on a previous night, but that was not good enough for him. He invited Will on the show the following night and a hilariously huge slug-fest ensued.

Right out of the gate, O’Reilly accused Will of libel, and said Will was supposed to call O’Reilly before commenting on the book, and he never did. Bill, libel is something you write about a person that is untrue. A printed defamation, as it were. Libel is not a negative review of your sophomoric book.

Will shot back saying he had no responsibility or agreement to do this, and this book wouldn’t be the first time Bill had gotten something wrong.

O’Reilly shifted to Will taking issue with his use of a memo by a Reagan aide, that was already disowned by its own author. O’Reilly said he only disowned it after he was put “under heavy pressure” to which Will laughed in his face.

Bill then tried to say that his book was actually praising Reagan. Will responded to that by saying not only is Bill’s book untrue but by writing it he is actively doing the work of “the left” to discredit Reagan.

O’Reilly finally yelled back “You’re a hack! You’re in with a cabal of Reagan loyalists who don’t want the truth to be told!”

Watch the epic double temper tantrum of Bill O’Reilly and George Will, fighting it out live on Fox News, below:

Featured Image via Youtube screen capture

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