WATCH: ‘Your Drunk Neighbor Donald Trump’ Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today (VIDEO)

A lot of us are familiar with him. The neighbor who likes to pound down a few cold ones now and then, followed by a rant about politics, popular culture, women, men, you name it. The 2016 GOP presidential field has one of those “drunk neighbor” types, although we assume that when he makes drunk neighbor style statements he is actually 100 percent stone cold sober. That candidate is — you probably guessed it — Donald Trump.

“Friend Dog Studios” has put together a video called “Your Drunk Neighbor: Donald Trump,” that is one of the best things to come along lately. If you’re familiar with the “Bad Lip Reading” videos, this is sort of the opposite, with genuine Trump words being placed in an actor’s mouth.

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The voice on the video is Donald Trump, but the words are being lip synced by a performer wearing an American flag t-shirt and cap. He is sitting on a porch with a buddy and drinking beer as he expounds on life, the universe, and everything. The visual of Trump’s words coming out of the mouth of a drunk redneck is simply priceless.

So pop open a cold one, sit back, and hit “play.” This two-minute video is one of the best things you will see today.

Here’s the video, via YouTube:

Featured image via Michael Vadon/YouTube composite

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