WATCH: Young Turk’s Cenk Uygur Rolls The Tape And SHREDS Fox’s Snobbiest Host In Under 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

Last week President Obama committed the cardinal sin of calling out Fox News (according to Fox News) on their downright pejorative coverage for years on anything concerning the poor. Fox fired back by essentially playing dumb and pondering why Obama was attacking them? Then Jon Stewart got involved offering a well-timed and spot on rebuttal of their lying ways. Of course, as skilled and pointed as it was, many still rebuffed it as “just comedy.” Coincidentally many of the same people who think things like gravity and climate change are “just theories.”

The Young Turks have developed a reputation as “political myth busters” led by their most popular host and co-founder, Cenk Uygur. In less than three minutes after a short set up, Uygur lives up to that rep when he “rolls the tape” and utterly destroys any credibility Fox’s biggest snob and most frequent poor bashing host Stuart Varney. A man that had the gall to deny that he ever said anything disparaging against the poor.

Of course, in reality Varney is the kind of guy that considers, among other b.s., having a refrigerator to be living high on the hog. He also contends that during the recession it was really the wealthy who “took it on the chin” while the “powerful poor” made out like bandits.

Really, that’s what he preaches on a regular basis on Fox and Fox Business Network and has for years. In Fox’s “War Against The Poor” Varney is their Field General.

No one is going to mistake this for comedy. Just the exposure of the tragedy that is Fox News and political myth busting at its best.

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