WATCH: Young Turks And Alex Jones Get Into Physical Fight At RNC

Holy cow, it went down backstage at the Republican National Convention on Thursday. The Young Turks were in the process of filming their show for YouTube, when suddenly their set was crashed by angry conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and ex-Trump advisor Roger Stone.

According to Cenk Uygur, they had just finished up a conversation about Ted Cruz’s RNC speech when Alex Jones invited himself onto their set. Uygur said that Jones was friendly at first, even though he wasn’t asked to come on the show, but then it turned ugly.

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He handed me a shirt with Bill Clinton’s face on it that said ‘rape,’ I’m not interested into that kind of BS. It’s one thing if you’re doing it [coming on someone’s show without permission] tongue in cheek and you’re going to do it briefly, it’s another thing when you come and take over someone else’s show and then you start doing sickening, grotesque propaganda.

Uygur goes on to explain that Donald Trump’s own ex-wife, Ivana Trump, accused him of rape. So, he is having his “hatchet men” try to “pretend his opponent is doing it.” The Young Turks host went on to explain what happened when Roger Stone got involved:

Roger Stone, I shouldn’t even be talking about him because he’s such a despicable human being. He is known, if he’s known at all, he’s known in American politics as the, his job is to be a hatchet man. His job is to be a liar, he’s the professional liar. That’s literally his job…I’m not going to tolerate that guy on any set for any reason.

According to other sources, including RedState (the right-wing site), Jones and Stone were looking for a fight when they crashed the Turks show and a fight they found. After screaming back and forth at each other, Uygur and Jones got into a physical altercation and had to be restrained.

Alex Jones and Roger Stone are horrible people who lie to the American public for a living. Jones has even said that the Sandy Hook massacre wasn’t real. They are bullies, but unfortunately for them, they bullied the wrong people this time.

Watch the altercation below and then check out Uygur’s explanation:

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