WATCH: You Probably Haven’t Seen This Really Sexist Interview With A Young Hillary (VIDEO)

Before there was Hillary Clinton, there was Hillary Rodham. She was still the wife of Bill Clinton, who in 1978 had just been elected governor of Arkansas, but she wasn’t your typical politician’s wife.

In an interview, the bespectacled and pretty in a way fitting her intellect Hillary Rodham handled a series of extremely condescending and sexist questions with the mannerisms of a future Secretary of State.

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The questions focused around the marriage, which might be expected; after all, she was the incoming First Lady of Arkansas, but it was clear from the beginning that Hillary Rodham had no interest in being a typical First Lady.

Rodham was an attorney at the time, and for that, apparently, she took a lot of heat. Even the interviewer scolded her, telling her that if she weren’t a practicing attorney, she would have time to see her husband more often.

The interviewer then said that it seemed she really wasn’t interested in “state dinners and teas and garden parties,” to which Rodham quickly said “I’m interested in everything,” and boy has she proven that true.

Then, pretending to take the high road, the interviewer commented that she must get tired of people asking her questions about not taking her husband’s name (I see what you did there).

Rodham answered that she didn’t want to mix her political and personal activities.

Here’s the video, condensed by Buzzfeed. Listen to how she answers questions about liberalism and progressivism:

My takeaway from this video is that as much as Hillary Rodham Clinton has changed throughout the years, she has always been true to herself, and she has never tried to hide her ambitions.

Featured image via Buzzfeed video.

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