WATCH: Why Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez Says He Gives Trump Pass On Racism (VIDEO)

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez confessed that he was “troubled” by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s blatant racism. However, he stated that he still supported Trump.

Wednesday, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Gonzalez discussed the FBI’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton, but also touched on why he supports Trump despite his anti-Latino rhetoric.

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From my perspective, the two most important decisions a president has to make deals with the Supreme Court and national security,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said that Clinton has vowed to continue President Barrack Obama’s foreign policy, which he described as a “disaster.”

I don’t think Donald Trump will be any worse than Hillary Clinton with respect to foreign policy,” Gonzalez said. “With respect to the court, I already have a pretty good idea of what Hillary Clinton’s going to do. The list released by Donald Trump, with respect to the possible people he might appoint, give me some hope that he will do a better job in making appointments to the Supreme Court.

After Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death in February, Republicans vowed to fight any Supreme Court nominee that Obama put forward before Scalia’s body had a chance to turn cold.

Trump released a list of judicial candidates that he would seek to replace Scalia, should he win the presidency. Many on Trump’s list are names that appear on the wish lists of Neo-con groups like the Heritage Foundation.

One of those candidates on Trump’s list is appellate Judge William Pryor, who stated he’d jail gay couples for having sex in their own homes. He also has very far-right views on LGBT, abortion, contraception, and individual rights.

There’s enough there, but again — he’s got some work to do, as far as I’m concerned,” Gonzalez added.

Host Joe Scarborough tried to press Gonzalez more on why he’s overlooking Trump’s racist messages to endorse his campaign.

That is very troubling to me, and I would have a difficult time supporting him,” he said. “But again, let’s give him — we keep saying, hopefully he’ll turn this around, and I remain optimistic that he’s going to do and say the right things to make him a viable candidate going into November.

People like Gonzalez are why men like Trump succeed. They stand by and passively support what they know to be wrong and dangerous using narrow-minded rationale. Fighting social issues like gay marriage and abortion is more important than keeping a lunatic from starting World War 3. This is one reason why the Republican party is on its way to hell in a Trump embroidered hand-basket, that was made in China.

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