Watch: ‘Who Said It–Trump Or Cartman?’–And Laugh Until You Explode (VIDEO)

Who doesn’t love having a good laugh over Eric Cartman? For a couple of decades now, Cartman has been yukking it up with politically incorrect one-liners and an ignorance that runs deep. His world is pure fantasy, even inside the fantasy world of South Park. He hates everyone but his mother, and that’s because she serves him. He has delusions of grandeur and only hears what he wants to hear.

That’s a pretty complete description of the horribly drawn two-dimensional character that is Eric Cartman. It’s also a fairly complete description of the one-dimensional asshole that is Donald Trump. Trump is a megalomaniac; a narcissistic power junkie who can’t wait to get his hands on the world’s mightiest military. Everything that comes out of his mouth is jaw-droppingly idiotic. He lives in a fantasy world that could very well spill over into the Oval Office and destroy us all.

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Well then; the comparison just got pretty scary, didn’t it?

Still it’s always a hoot to poke some fun at the orange skinned comb over artist who has stolen the hearts of bigots and fools across the country, so without any further adieu, enjoy this ridiculous romp into the insanity:

Featured image via screen capture


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