WATCH: White Supremacist Explains Trump’s ‘Appeal’ To ‘Ordinary White People

The leader of a white nationalist group that has been responsible for making robocalls on behalf of Donald Trump appeared on CNN Friday afternoon to explain that the xenophobic GOP candidate’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is “appealing” to “ordinary white people.”

Jared Taylor, of the white nationalist website American Renaissance, began by telling CNN host Drew Griffin that “most white people would prefer to live in majority white neighborhoods and send their kids to majority white schools.”

And when Donald Trump talks about sending out all the illegals, building a wall and a moratorium on Islamic immigration — that’s very appealing to a lot of ordinary white people.

Taylor discussed his views, which he somehow doesn’t see for the vile racist filth it is, and told Griffin that he is not the only one who is deeply concerned about “an immigration policy that is making the United States majority non-white.”

 Taylor was particularly venomous when it came to Muslims.

Why would we want more Muslims? Muslims have been a terrible problem for Europe, and here they want to pray five times a day. Stop the assembly line, they want foot baths before they go to prayer, they want women-only swimming pool hours, and some of them want to kill us. Why should anyone want more Muslims?

Trump continues to insist he has no real connection to Taylor and is not affiliated with the American Renaissance organization. However, from the statement he issued it doesn’t seem like he minds the racism of white supremacy much, he just wants everybody to know he isn’t accepting “support” from super PACs.

Jared Taylor is one of the voices on the robocalls that flooded Iowa and are now lighting up the phone lines in New Hampshire. The American National Super PAC says they have not spoken with the Trump campaign, but they are supporting him anyway. Presumably because they feel he is the best bigot for the job.

Watch the white supremacist spew his vitriol here, via Mediaite:

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