Watch: White Nationalists Rally Support For Donald Trump

Republican front-runner Donald Trump, easily won the South Carolina Republican primaries on February 20th, partly due to the support of local white nationalists. A video published by TYT Politics unveiled the warped mind of his supporters as they aired their grievances on “political correction” and, of course, the destruction of white culture in America.

Reporter Jordan Chariton conducted the interviews on State Capitol grounds in Columbia, South Carolina. Throughout the video, the respondents, such as Pastor Michael Feed, proudly boasted their support of Donald Trump claiming that his proclamation to build a wall at the border of United States and Mexico, and to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.

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The Confederate flag features prominently in the video with several respondents clinging on to the flag and proudly defiant their heritage of white pride. In June 2015, nine people inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historical African-American church, were massacred by Dylann Roof. Police believed that the shootings were racially motivated after finding several pictures of Roof posing with the Confederate flag before the incident. The flag has since been removed from the South Carolina statehouse ground.


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